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To what extent are Americans worried about the fact that the Federal banking system is a private institution?

Is the privatisation of the Federal bank (to 10 stake holders) part of the American capitalist dream of freedom? To what extent does the general American public attribute the national debts of the U.S to abuses by the Federal bank? Is it abuse at all or is it in fact a justifiable part of American freedom? Do Americans think that it is, for any reason at all, justifiable to put a debt on every piece of currency that enters circulation? If the Federal bank was not a private institution, what would happen to America?


Closing Statement from Tom Britton

Thanks to everyone for your input. I look forward to seeing how far the central bankers will go before the majority of the general public starts realising what is going. I suspect all of us lot will be long gone by then, if it ever happens.

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  • Oct 17 2013: Before coming to a solution we must first assess the problem. First, the American people have forgotten their law (self included) and thus have become victims of ignorance. Rather than growing a pair like the people of Spain, Greece, Brazil and many more who demand change from our "elite," we live in constant fear of something bad happening to our house or car or sunday football. So until we drop the adopted child of the Baby Boom Generation aka consumerism, we will live in debt hell forever!

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