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To what extent are Americans worried about the fact that the Federal banking system is a private institution?

Is the privatisation of the Federal bank (to 10 stake holders) part of the American capitalist dream of freedom? To what extent does the general American public attribute the national debts of the U.S to abuses by the Federal bank? Is it abuse at all or is it in fact a justifiable part of American freedom? Do Americans think that it is, for any reason at all, justifiable to put a debt on every piece of currency that enters circulation? If the Federal bank was not a private institution, what would happen to America?


Closing Statement from Tom Britton

Thanks to everyone for your input. I look forward to seeing how far the central bankers will go before the majority of the general public starts realising what is going. I suspect all of us lot will be long gone by then, if it ever happens.

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  • Oct 17 2013: What I like the most about America is how the powerful white leaders in charge of the nation do nothing for the country and call themselves real Americans. Hispanics, blacks, and other immigrants aren't good enough to be American, yet they're the ones turning the gears of the nation, while all the elites sit on ridiculous piles of money that they could never spend in 5 lifetimes. I'm sure it wouldn't be a big deal if the "elites" poured 3% of their net worth in the US economy with nothing expected in return.

    In the meantime, China is taking its sweet time before cashing in on the US debt. It won't take long before the value of the dollar collapses to a point where people wouldn't wipe their feet with the bills. And when that time comes, greedy rich "Americans" will realize that all along, they only thing they truly ever had was money.

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