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What is the purpose of going to school?

Is it to expose us and give us in-depth understanding of the things around us in order to make good use of them for the sake of the land in which live? OR
Is it, to see that knowledge and expose gain from education as a weapon against the land that thought it wise to set and finance such academic institution for the benefits of its citizenry ? OR
To come out and take advantage on our innocent brothers and sisters whom through no fault of their has paid taxes and continue do same for the sustenance of our academic institutions ? OR
To be among the elite group, and join the few foreigners to lute our our resource?


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  • Nov 11 2013: The Purpose of education should be to provide you with knowledge that is relevant to achieve success. there are allot of assumptions here: what is relevant. what is success. when have you achieved it. knowing facts will not help you much. I dont know what you learn in school there but i dont think learning africas history will help. i dont think learning americas history will help. I dont think learning about capitalism will help. I think that developing your character is what matters most right now, because you're in a nation that's plagued by despair. Being a leader goes a long way. Providing relevant information goes a long way. Your education should entail being very creative and finding the best ways to add value to your local area. it might not be capital, it might not be motivation. But noone has the answers for Africa. You're culture holds the answer.

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