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What is the purpose of going to school?

Is it to expose us and give us in-depth understanding of the things around us in order to make good use of them for the sake of the land in which live? OR
Is it, to see that knowledge and expose gain from education as a weapon against the land that thought it wise to set and finance such academic institution for the benefits of its citizenry ? OR
To come out and take advantage on our innocent brothers and sisters whom through no fault of their has paid taxes and continue do same for the sustenance of our academic institutions ? OR
To be among the elite group, and join the few foreigners to lute our our resource?


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    Oct 18 2013: It depends from whose point of view you are looking at school/education.

    The "system" might have a purpose.

    The "teacher" might have a second purpose.

    The "student" might have a third purpose.

    The "parents" might have a fourth purpose.

    Whose point of view do you think will prevail in the end Toffick?

    The answer is entirely up to the individual learner.
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      Oct 18 2013: can you help me with the view point of the student and that of the system?
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        Oct 18 2013: Most education systems are put in place to remove illiteracy.
        Advance education exists to train individuals in different fields. Once a student graduates, they may then turn around and help their community.
        This is just generally speaking of course.
        I would imagine that regardless of where in the world you live, these two main reasons for education exists.

        As for the view point of the student, I couldn't begin to give a reason.
        It is personal......each student pursues a career for different reasons.

        Is it higher education you are speaking about? College and University?
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          Oct 19 2013: well, will like to go with college. reason being that, as an accounting student in college. i was forced and its compulsory to learn integrated science. if you fail in int. science. you wont graduate. whats the need of specialisation then?
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        Oct 20 2013: Sometimes all it takes is ONE voice to change the way things are done.
        You know, your comment reminds me of a TEDmed talk I heard a while back from the US Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin.
        She begins her talk with words that may help you..

        Tell me what you think of it:


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