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What is the purpose of going to school?

Is it to expose us and give us in-depth understanding of the things around us in order to make good use of them for the sake of the land in which live? OR
Is it, to see that knowledge and expose gain from education as a weapon against the land that thought it wise to set and finance such academic institution for the benefits of its citizenry ? OR
To come out and take advantage on our innocent brothers and sisters whom through no fault of their has paid taxes and continue do same for the sustenance of our academic institutions ? OR
To be among the elite group, and join the few foreigners to lute our our resource?


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    Oct 19 2013: Toffick, I just read through the replies and your responses ... I may be wrong but no one has hit the nail on the head for your question yet.

    You state that the educational system only teaches us to be slaves ... You are upset about something and are seeking a specific answer to a general question. Please tell us what you are mad about so that we may respond to that issue more directly.

    I am in the USA and am not knowledgeable of Ghana but will work to find a answer for you.

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      Oct 19 2013: thanx Bob, here in Ghana and most developing countries. our EDUCATION SYSTEM focus on only academic knowledge and not ones interest. again. most of what we learn here in Ghana are theories or books written by developed world which does not fit in our system. therefore most of those who come out from such system can practically do nothing on their own. they can gve you good analysis but in reality those analysis cant work in our environment. the only choice such people have is to work for Employers na din most case travel to work outside Ghana.
      with such system. what is the fate of ghana. and what is our educational system adressing. most government officials and to some extent some president dont even school here. do they really understand our system. high rate of illiteracy is among our problem here and the so called elites even makes it worse.
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        Oct 19 2013: The "Land of the Warrior King" is experiencing growing pains but is doing well economically as the GDP is one of the fastest growing in the world. Having declared Independence only 50 some years ago your country has come a long way and seems to be on a good path for success.

        To address education. Corporations who arrive to mine or farm your resources always bring their own management and technical personnel and much of the labor force. The headquarters will always be in the political centers to court the powers that be. They will invite few "locals" into that circle. Most locals will be in middle or lower management and the majority in the manual labor force.

        The literacy rate would be in the developed areas ... cities and shipping centers. The rest of the country is rural and will be illiterate.

        Historically schools are based on the assumption that the student will be going to college and is designed to prepare him for higher education. In developing countries the solution ... in my opinion would be to have dual purpose .... college prep academies and manual trades centers. Trade schools would open the opportunity to have a solid education and a career enhancing education that would lead to ownership of a business.

        I must also advise that the trades people should never stop learning ... use this as a stepping stone to greater heights. College is now considered a opportunity for the elite ... by working your way up through the trades route you have joined and even surpassed some as a business owner and entrepreneur.

        Your country is going through great changes. Harness your anger and work through the system to achieve your goals and then work to make a difference for others.

        I wish you well. Bob.

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