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What is the purpose of going to school?

Is it to expose us and give us in-depth understanding of the things around us in order to make good use of them for the sake of the land in which live? OR
Is it, to see that knowledge and expose gain from education as a weapon against the land that thought it wise to set and finance such academic institution for the benefits of its citizenry ? OR
To come out and take advantage on our innocent brothers and sisters whom through no fault of their has paid taxes and continue do same for the sustenance of our academic institutions ? OR
To be among the elite group, and join the few foreigners to lute our our resource?


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    Oct 15 2013: What do you hope to gain from your education?
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      Oct 18 2013: thats exactly the issue, the education system does not adress what one wants to gain or societal problem but rather teaches us to be slaves thus employees. kindly ellaborate more on this
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        Oct 18 2013: I do not know anything about the educational system in Ghana. Are you saying the leaders in your country, the employers and the innovators in your country do not go to school or go to school in a different country? If your leaders and innovators did go to school, as I am guessing they did, how do you reconcile this with your position that school teaches students "only to be slaves and employees?"
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          Oct 19 2013: from all indications, Ghana as a country is failure. a country rich in oil, gold, cocoa, timber, bauxite etc. and can do nothing. who do you blame here. the leaders. they are failures.
          and yes most of the leaders schools outside Ghana. corruption is the number one key. so what is our educational system in place for?
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        Oct 19 2013: Now that you write this, I remember reading about a long history of corruption in your country by those who assume positions of leadership. There is another thread about what to do about corruption in the developing world, and there are talks on this, but I don't know that values and codes in this area can be traced to schools.

        If your education has been in Ghana, you are the one who knows what the focus and climate is in the schools you attended. I will look into it as well..

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