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What is the purpose of going to school?

Is it to expose us and give us in-depth understanding of the things around us in order to make good use of them for the sake of the land in which live? OR
Is it, to see that knowledge and expose gain from education as a weapon against the land that thought it wise to set and finance such academic institution for the benefits of its citizenry ? OR
To come out and take advantage on our innocent brothers and sisters whom through no fault of their has paid taxes and continue do same for the sustenance of our academic institutions ? OR
To be among the elite group, and join the few foreigners to lute our our resource?


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  • Oct 18 2013: Hello, Mr Obeng.

    I think in the near future nobody will get resources from your country.
    Because cars will run only water or sunlight. (like this)

    I think the future could be better, so you should not be so disappointed.
    Many people are doing efforts to help Africa, it is true.
    (I will be a little helpful for your country, I promise.)
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      Oct 18 2013: well, but what are africans themselves doing to help their brothers and they themselve.
      • Oct 19 2013: Sorry, I totally misunderstood..
        I hardly know about education in your country.
        But, I think Education needs to help children to indipendent economically and thinking logically by themselves. Then, make young people to think like discutton or write essayies, not pushing teacher's idea too much.
        The porpose might be teaching how learning is important and interesting.

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