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Why we do not accept our mistakes?

Isn't it interesting that as human we all commit mistakes and we all tend not to accept them. Is it that we feel dishonored or that we assume no body knows what we know?

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    Oct 15 2013: Kamran, we just had a huge conversation on this very topic.
    Here is the link to it, and also a link to a TED talk that I think you will love watching.



    May I ask you? Are you working on some type of project regarding mistakes?
    • Oct 18 2013: Firstly thanks Mary.
      I have been through an interesting book called 'Why we Make Mistakes'' by Joe Hallinan and amazed at the deep psychological explanations. I further wonder whether or not culture effects these psychological explanations. I want to collect more examples from diverse cultures about the behaviors regarding mistakes.
      Thanks again for the links you posted
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        Oct 18 2013: You are very welcome Kamran.
        I had not heard of the book by Hallinan.

        The TED speaker Kathryn Schulz also wrote a book, which I read, and it is filled with a plethora of examples of how our human mind rarely accepts that we are mistaken.
        Some of the experiences are jarring. If you are able to pick up a copy, you might enjoy it as well.

        I believe that different cultures view mistakes differently....but of course, to generalize is all too often not accurate.....but I wish you well in your pursuit of knowledge on this subject.
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    Oct 21 2013: Accepting mistakes means making fool out of yourself, but believe me there are people in society who like the gesture of accepting mistakes; in other words being Honest to self.

    I feel, make small mistakes and correct your self, rather than making big mistake and making other suffer.
    • Oct 21 2013: It means it is some positive emotion that begets negative attitude?
  • Oct 18 2013: I would accept them if I ever made any.

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      Oct 18 2013: Nice..........and modest.....
    • Oct 18 2013: Entropy Is it your future plan or present behaviour?
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    Oct 18 2013: I must say Mary's has pretty much in a way answered your question already. that talk was great. But i still wanted to post something from myself, even if you might read it somewhere else.

    Mistakes are good for us in the long run. The reason is, because they are what connects us back to reality. We imagine things, have opinions etc. which might end up being wrong. At the beginning, noticing a mistake generally means life is going to be harder than we at first imagined(but not always:). We do accept our mistakes, but only in a certain time perspective. It is most important to remember than it is not that there is something wrong with us or our methods. There is no way avoiding mistakes. We need to try to stay humble and anticipate mistakes. Accept that there are things which are bigger than us, and that not WE decide what is right and wrong.

    Life is the search for truth. When we possess the truth, that's when we are wrong.
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      Oct 18 2013: Your insights are really wonderful....I enjoyed your last line very much....."When we possess the truth, that's when we are wrong"

      May I amend it to add a word or two?

      "When we think we possess the absolute truth, that's when we are wrong"

      What do you think of this new statement?
  • Oct 15 2013: Kamran,

    1. yes we are human and we make mistakes
    2. some do accept responsibility of their mistakes and work to fix the mistakes as quickly as possible and accept the results
    3. those that do not are usually scared about the results more than fixing the mistakes

    There are different types of mistakes which influence us.
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    Oct 15 2013: Because we are stupid. Sometimes we need other people to call us"stupid" to wake us up. And sometimes only after we suffered from the stupidity, will we admit it's a mistake.
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      Oct 15 2013: Yoka, those are strong words......although, there is a lot of truth to them.
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        Oct 15 2013: :)Thank you and sorry for my strong words if they hurt somebody. I intend to wake up those who aren't aware enough to accept their mistakes.:)
    • Oct 18 2013: Yoka are we all stupid equally or there is a degree of stupidity each one of us have?
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        Oct 18 2013: Yes, I think people all have their stupid times. But different people may have different attitudes towards their stupidity, which makes the difference that some people can learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating them while some people stick to their mistakes firmly without admitting and became really stupid in the end.