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Is Knowledge a Curse?

"In an article titled “The Curse of Knowledge”, it’s noted that as a person learns more about a subject, it becomes increasingly more difficult to discuss that subject with someone who doesn’t posses that knowledge. It simply becomes harder and harder to empathise with them.

This means that the more educated and passionate you are about a subject, the harder you will find it to discuss or teach it to others.

This effect is one of the cited possibilities for why teaching is so difficult a career, since it means that eventually teachers will become more and more disillusioned with the endless wave of perceived stupidity they’re forced to endure."

All of the above is from the article I read online, not my words.
What do you think? Is knowledge a curse?


Closing Statement from W T

Knowledge........information obtained from experience or education.

A lot has been said in this debate/conversation about knowledge.

One may conclude that knowledge, in and of itself, is not a curse. Knowledge is essential in order to function in society, and in order to help others.

Knowledge though, is just the beginning.......there are other things worth seeking beyond knowledge...........

Among those other things worth seeking are............ understanding.......... discernment............and perhaps, if we are fortunate enough, we might obtain...........wisdom.

How we handle the knowledge we have is strictly up to us.

The world is filled with passionate individuals who hold a wealth of knowledge, and who also possess understanding of that knowledge. Wisely they seek to share their knowledge with others, whenever, and wherever they can.

The example of Nan Hauser which is discussed in this conversation is a fine example for all of us. There are many other examples worldwide.

May we all continue to see knowledge as a blessing and use it wisely to better ourselves and others.

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    Oct 16 2013: The situation that makes " Ignorance to be bliss" right that time " knowledge" can be perceived as " curse" .....
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      Oct 16 2013: Hi Salim, this is very interesting. So are you saying that each of us have knowledge, but also ignorance, and that one balances out the other?
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        Oct 17 2013: Hi Mary , that's again an interesting perspective you looked into my comment above :) . Yes you can take it that way, because definitely I don't know everything , so I am a blend of Ignorance & Knowledge. Moreover knowledge is evolving so if one stops learning at certain point thinking s/he knows it all , in some other point s/he will find herself / himself an ignorant .
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          Oct 17 2013: Yes Salim, now I see your point.

          There was a recent conversation by a member where she asked..."Do you think you will reach a point where you will not need to learn any more?"..........have you seen it?
          Here is the link....


          I noticed you commented in the conversation. But I will leave the link in case anyone in this conversation wants to go over there and read around.

          Thank you for your participation Salim.
          Mary :)
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          Oct 17 2013: You definitely don't know everything? Are you certain?

          Great! Thank you very much, Salim! My very last hope for all knowing truth has just declared bankruptcy!

          I will now end this day with my last bottle of single malt Irish whiskey to get hopelessly drunk .... Cheers!

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          Oct 17 2013: You'll be fine Lejan.....cheers:>)
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        Oct 17 2013: Hi Lejan
        May I join with you and toast together :)
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      Oct 17 2013: Salim, you write...
      "The situation that makes " Ignorance to be bliss" right that time " knowledge" can be perceived as " curse" .....

      It could be interpreted to mean that a person who prefers to be blissfully ignorant/uninformed, may feel like all the knowledge that is available to us these days, coming at us from all sides, is annoying...a curse!

      Cheers....I join you all in your toast with a glass of wine:>)
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        Oct 19 2013: Hi Colleen
        Yes , that is / can be another perspective ....
        I am sure you are aware that some of the scriptures mostly religious one encourages its follower not to try to know beyond what is written in those scriptures .....

        It's my great pleasure to toast with you ... Cheers :)
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          Oct 19 2013: True Salim. Isolation and withholding information is an element with abuse and violation of human rights. Those who want to control, dominate, abuse and/or violate the rights of others, may feel that those they would like to dominate having information and knowledge, is a curse.

          Interacting with you, sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas and information is always a pleasure for me too my friend.....cheers:>)
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        Oct 19 2013: Hi Colleen
        I always get practical insight from your thoughts which I sought for. I saw in cold winter on footpath of one of the most developed countries kids playing with smile on face. They are ignorant of their fate that's why they could have that smile. They don't know why they are on footpath ? That ignorance is blissful for them . Was referring to that ignorance. In my country that's very usual but in a first world country how come that can happen. ? My proposition was about that only . At times if we don't know something we can be content , if we know the reason or try to find out the reason we feel guilty of ourselves , that time knowledge can be considered as curse ! But I am always there to embrace that even if it is a curse . I don't care whether its curse or bliss !
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          Oct 19 2013: Salim,
          I always get practical insight from you as well my friend.....sounds like a win/win situation:>)

          Children seem to see beyond challenges sometimes, because they have a different worldview than adults have? Children generally have unconditional love and acceptance in their hearts. I think that sometimes, as adults, we are more aware of the possibilities, and perhaps have a more frightened, pessimistic worldview? Why would children in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world countries be different? They may have different life circumstances, and they don't know that there are other possibilities.

          I agree Salim.....sometimes the less we know, the more content we can be. The next question is, are we content with "not knowing"? I find that the more knowledge I have, the more I seek knowledge, and I think that it is this curiosity (which most children have) that keeps me interestingly engaged in the life experience.

          I agree that if we feel guilty for being inquisitive, then knowledge may feel like a curse. Why do you think there might be a feeling of guilt for being inquisitive?
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        Oct 20 2013: Hi Colleen
        I think that guilty feeling comes due to the inability of changing the situation for betterment that made someone empathetic.

        What do you think ?
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          Oct 20 2013: I agree Salim.
          You said it above...." But I am always there to embrace that even if it is a curse . I don't care whether its curse or bliss !"

          I agree with you again Salim! I don't need to label information a "curse" or "bliss". Information is information, and how we choose to use the information is the important part. I prefer to have as much information as possible.

          I think we see a lot of people feeling overwhelmed by some conditions in our world, and there are certainly conditions that need attention. It is as you insightfully say....perhaps some folks feel guilty because they cannot do anything with the information they are hearing about horrible conditions.

          My perspective, is that most of what is happening in our world has been happening for 100s of years....corruption in government, business, religions, abuse and violation of human rights, etc. Some people say that our world is getting worse.

          Because of our advanced communication systems, we now KNOW about the situations instantaneously, and in my humble perception, this is going to facilitate more change for the better. So, rather than feeling overwhelmed and guilty, we can contribute to change when we know how and where change is needed. That's what I think......for what it's worth:>)

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