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Is Knowledge a Curse?

"In an article titled “The Curse of Knowledge”, it’s noted that as a person learns more about a subject, it becomes increasingly more difficult to discuss that subject with someone who doesn’t posses that knowledge. It simply becomes harder and harder to empathise with them.

This means that the more educated and passionate you are about a subject, the harder you will find it to discuss or teach it to others.

This effect is one of the cited possibilities for why teaching is so difficult a career, since it means that eventually teachers will become more and more disillusioned with the endless wave of perceived stupidity they’re forced to endure."

All of the above is from the article I read online, not my words.
What do you think? Is knowledge a curse?


Closing Statement from W T

Knowledge........information obtained from experience or education.

A lot has been said in this debate/conversation about knowledge.

One may conclude that knowledge, in and of itself, is not a curse. Knowledge is essential in order to function in society, and in order to help others.

Knowledge though, is just the beginning.......there are other things worth seeking beyond knowledge...........

Among those other things worth seeking are............ understanding.......... discernment............and perhaps, if we are fortunate enough, we might obtain...........wisdom.

How we handle the knowledge we have is strictly up to us.

The world is filled with passionate individuals who hold a wealth of knowledge, and who also possess understanding of that knowledge. Wisely they seek to share their knowledge with others, whenever, and wherever they can.

The example of Nan Hauser which is discussed in this conversation is a fine example for all of us. There are many other examples worldwide.

May we all continue to see knowledge as a blessing and use it wisely to better ourselves and others.

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    Oct 19 2013: Acquiring knowledge can be an extremely empowering and satisfying life experience
    it can also mean never being able to go back to the blissful ignorance we once enjoyed.
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      Oct 20 2013: Oooh William.....yes, knowledge is a curse in the sense that once you know something, you have a certain responsibility that might come with it.

      It's like being around the office when they install the new copying machine.....and YOU were the only one trained to use it.......curses!!! Each time someone has trouble with it, they come looking for you.
      You may choose to fix the problem, or you may choose to share your knowledge of the machine with others and share the wealth (of knowledge).

      I have friends that have never learned how to operate a camera, just because they hate being asked to take pictures........some people enjoy blissful ignorance.........less responsibility.

      Others love knowledge.........but they do not like to share it.
      And still others delight in sharing the information they have with others who are in need of obtaining it.
      Thanks William for joining the conversation.
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        Oct 20 2013: even more poignantly, the German word weltschmerz refers to the depression that follows realizing one's own sheltered existence is s far cry from the poverty, misery and suffering that afflicts the majority of the people in the world.
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          Oct 20 2013: Oh yes.........and usually this weltschmerz hits in old age......,,,,or middle age.....when these same people think it is too late to learn anything new.

          I have had many conversations with the elderly and the old-at-heart about this very same issue.

          I am glad to see that many of the speakers on TED are up in years.....and many of the audience members are too.....as well as those of us in the TED community.

          Living = learning.............in my dictionary.

          Thanks amigo for your thoughts.
          Be careful with those pistols ya here Yosemite?


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