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Is Knowledge a Curse?

"In an article titled “The Curse of Knowledge”, it’s noted that as a person learns more about a subject, it becomes increasingly more difficult to discuss that subject with someone who doesn’t posses that knowledge. It simply becomes harder and harder to empathise with them.

This means that the more educated and passionate you are about a subject, the harder you will find it to discuss or teach it to others.

This effect is one of the cited possibilities for why teaching is so difficult a career, since it means that eventually teachers will become more and more disillusioned with the endless wave of perceived stupidity they’re forced to endure."

All of the above is from the article I read online, not my words.
What do you think? Is knowledge a curse?


Closing Statement from W T

Knowledge........information obtained from experience or education.

A lot has been said in this debate/conversation about knowledge.

One may conclude that knowledge, in and of itself, is not a curse. Knowledge is essential in order to function in society, and in order to help others.

Knowledge though, is just the beginning.......there are other things worth seeking beyond knowledge...........

Among those other things worth seeking are............ understanding.......... discernment............and perhaps, if we are fortunate enough, we might obtain...........wisdom.

How we handle the knowledge we have is strictly up to us.

The world is filled with passionate individuals who hold a wealth of knowledge, and who also possess understanding of that knowledge. Wisely they seek to share their knowledge with others, whenever, and wherever they can.

The example of Nan Hauser which is discussed in this conversation is a fine example for all of us. There are many other examples worldwide.

May we all continue to see knowledge as a blessing and use it wisely to better ourselves and others.

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    Oct 16 2013: When knowledge falls onto the wrong hands/person then we are in trouble. Knowledge in and of itself was meant to be a blessing and not a curse. The main purpose of one possessing some knowledge is to try and use that knowledge to elevate others to his/her level. A teacher should by all means aim to empty him/herself as much as possible of all the knowledge he/she has acquired for the benefit of the students because a great teacher would be judged by how much he/she contributes to the actual education of the students.
    Anyone who is genuinely passionate about what he knows tries by all means to share it with others in order to bring them to his level of knowledge. This is how great leaders have transformed the world; they passionately dedicate themselves fully to sharing their ideas with an intention of transforming others to be just like them if not more. This I believe is the way to go!
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      Oct 17 2013: Bongani, thank you so much for your clear words, and fine expressions.
      I am also of the same mind frame that "knowledge in and of itself was meant to be a blessing and not a curse".

      Sadly though, the ego gets in the way, like someone brought out.
      Have you had any experiences where someone with a lot of knowledge in a particular field treated you as a lesser one? How did you react?
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        Oct 18 2013: Hi Mary M.! It's a pleasure to partake in such pulsating conversations such as these!
        It has happened to me a couple of times in different occasions even. When I was fresh from varsity to start serving as an intern in this big organisation I was treated like I didn't know anything really, I would attend meetings with my seniors, we were two as interns and the rest (4) were seniors. We would go there just to listen really because we were new and supposedly not knowing anything there.

        It was very frustrating to just sit there and listen to them contributing and we would just be given orders after that with no choice really, but when time went by we raised our concerns of being undermined and they started giving us some job even though it was just simple things but we took things from there and they slowly trusted us with something more meaningful and we began contributing to meetings as well. But it was frustrating, you have to persevere and find a way to let them know how you feel so they could fix things.
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        Oct 18 2013: Simply, those who abuse/misuse what they know. Everybody has some knowledge of some sort and when we misuse that privilege of knowing something, we abuse the primal intent intended for that knowledge which is to improve and uplift ourselves.

        Everybody is a guardian of knowledge, as long as you have capabilities of knowing something then you are a guardian of knowledge. Obviously we have knowledge of various subjects or different things and as such it is important that even here Theodor you fully share what you know to your best ability so to teach and uplift us somehow because what you know we might not necessarily be privileged to know.

        We are one big community here to teach and learn from each other hence I said everyone is a guardian of some level of knowledge.
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        Oct 18 2013: Unfortunately we cannot judge that as it varies from individual to individual and just too subjective.
        I believe each individual will have to judge him/herself. Knowledge could either build or destroy you, so it is up to you to judge and decide which one one you go with.
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        Oct 19 2013: It is a collective statement and there is we. Simply, my premise here is we are not living in isolation and when you decide to use your knowledge not to uplift us, it negatively affects us.
        I hope we understand each Theodor.
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        Oct 19 2013: I understand your view point. In humanity I have faith indeed. Obviously in such a diverse community that we live in, there cannot be one path of knowledge, surely that would be defying our uniqueness.
        The key point here is whatever knowledge you are entrusted/entrust yourself with try to use it positively regardless of the path you use to acquire that knowledge.

        The intent I speak of here is not political at all, it's purely inspired by logic.

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