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Perfection is not abstract

We should not restrain from using this word. A concept of objective perfection. If i set a number of goals and did them the best way than that is perfection. My perfection could be a poor job to some one else but it doesn't matter. Every one can have a chance to be perfect


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    Oct 14 2013: i see peoples here talk about who believe in perfection like something is wrong with this person and i can conclude from it with all my respect to the perfection ,that you take the perfection of Lady Suhaila like an absolute perfection that she is wrong ,wonder why you forgot for all who is against the perfection ,why you haven't thought maybe the idea you have it's a perfect wrongness like an absolute? cause she asked about perfection with tolerance and love with her free will ,you replied to her with perfect intolerance and hate without your free will on it and you asking Her why lol ,we're in need to learn the conscious about our unconscious for we'll have Her opportunities i believe...maybe she had a dream ,isn't it a perfect state of being the perfection?even it's limiting with our weakness from the reality or maybe she felt in need to let us know the respect to ourselves by expressing our dreams is the feeling of the perfection not the thinking on it only...i think your perfect perception to the wrongness for Lady Suhaila ,it's the result of the IQ and the logic for a principal human did it has been longtime now for we can remembering it , did habits for protect it in the absolute truth and we forgot that we did and we allowed the intolerance to controling us...for it can will allow us to accepting the newest tolerance with biggest heart each for other not each against other we must agree about that the truth it's an absolute relativity...we can be sure about one thing if we will not win by our absolute weakness it will making us close to the strongness which mine the perfection...

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