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Perfection is not abstract

We should not restrain from using this word. A concept of objective perfection. If i set a number of goals and did them the best way than that is perfection. My perfection could be a poor job to some one else but it doesn't matter. Every one can have a chance to be perfect


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    Oct 13 2013: Perfection is a "funny" thing because the more you aim for it the more elusive it seems. For instance, let's say you aim at doing your absolute best at something and you perfect it according to your standard but as soon as you have accomplished that it ceases to be a perfection and something else appears ahead that you have to aim for the very same perfection again. So perfection really is elusive and the reason why you aim for perfection is just for improvement purposes on your part not because you're really going to hit the target of perfection. Yes you can try to hit at your level best but you would realize that your best at that time was just the best at that level and not your overall best, so that tells you yes you can still do far more than that took you to achieve that "perfection,' so in that regard perfection really is what drives you to be your best every time you do something. In and of itself perfection is not a target that you can aim for and hit, it is the highest standard that you as an individual can get at that time, it doesn't mean that is THE final ultimate standard because there are those who can surpass your best standard.

    Perfection stretches your all abilities to be who you can be in the best way you possibly can. In this regard it is more of an illusion really because it keeps asking for more of you, as soon as you accomplish something, something more enticing is already ahead calling you and you aim at that again with the same agility and intent only to find once you accomplish that, another thing will come up again. So you can just see that perfection just stretches you on and on.

    We have all heard and perhaps believed in the "myth" that says: "practice makes perfect." Well it appears that is not true at all...practice according to the above analogy of perfection only makes improvement. Practicing something will make you better at it but not be perfect at it because there is always room for improvement for anyone and everyone. Nice chat

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