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What's happening with theatre for social change in Dallas?

Hello - I just moved to Dallas a month ago and I am interested in getting involved with theatre for social change in DFW. However, I am reaching many dead ends in my search, it seems like TFSC is bigger in Austin and there are few outlets here.

While there are programs to "teach theatre" all around the area, there are few that have primarily "process-oriented" goals (Raising awareness, posing alternatives, healing psychological wounds or barriers, challenging contemporary discourses, voicing views of the silent and marginal). I'm finding many are interested in making productions and offering theatrical skills, but I want to work more in the fields of community development and mental health.

Anyone out there have suggestions? Right now I'm leaning towards developing a new organization with the goals in parenthesis in mind. Not a "Theatre company" but a social organization using theatre as a tool for empowerment.

Annnnnd discuss.

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    Oct 18 2013: Shelby this is a genuine problem, In India every year more than 3500 film releases and among them rarely there is any film that talk about social change, and even if few film do then the cinema halls are empty or don't get much response across india. The film which we make are childish and romance based.

    I don't know much about Dallas, but if I was there I would have definitely participated in your organization.

    There are sure some theatre group but the theme is very apologetic.