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Electricity for the world from cars.

Cars should have bycicle generators attached to all tires with pressure springs that will preserve the tred. The should also be attached to the steering system to turn with the front to tires so no work is lost. A battery bank will collect all this energy and instead of going to a station to power up. Cars would plug in, say Walmart and power down to Walmart until 20 percent capacity is left. They should also have transitions windows or a transition windshield with the rest of the windows being clear solar panels. Also to battery bank to business or homes. The grill should consist of mini windmills or a few bigger ones with gears whichever is more efficiant there could also be "mills" imbedded in the aerodynamics of the car so they are bairly seen yet still catch the wind. But said mills are designed more like water mills unlike the ones in the grill. There also needs to be a magnet system in the road ways and tunnels so that when cars pass by they activate the magnetic push rod coil system which could be approached in many ways. The company new energy has a system of flaps but can only operate in low speed stops and drive through. I believe magnetics is the answer to put this system in everyday every speed road ways. I have written them and not got any reply back. The plumbing in your house and gutters can have mill systems with coils and magnetics to give your home more electricity as well as this flap and pressure chamber of motion power can be used in basketball courts and stadiums as well as sidewalks and roadways if it is embedded in the right way and at the right angle. The air system could also have a system kind of alike. Long story short. Cars could power local business and homes by pulling in and plugging up and could power homes and business from the street just by driving by. How nice would that be. If I only had the resources for trial and error. I know for a fact I could make this all happen.

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    Lejan .

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    Oct 18 2013: Hi Allan,

    you truly have a very rich and highly imaginative creativity, and you do not shy to think 'out of the box', which makes for the wide variety of your ideas.

    Yet I like to suggest to you to take one idea at a time and have a first check on its overall energy balance.

    Try to do this with the two following rules in your mind:

    1) Action equals reaction
    2) Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed

    Try to develop a feeling how the energy flows in a system, what it does and how it changes.

    Let me do this with your first idea with 'bicycle generators attached to all tires' of a car' to find out how it behaves.

    If the car isn't moving, so are the tires and the generators attached do not generate energy. So far so good. Now the car moves, the tires too and the generators attached produce energy. But now comes the important question, what makes the car move? In order to move the car, it burns fuel, which is a liquid form of stored energy. Therefore the original cause what makes the generators produce electricity is fuel. So the highest efficiency for the generators to produce electricity was, if the care engine was directly attached to them, because anything else in between would only create losses.

    So you transformed chemically stored energy (fuel) into electrical energy (generators) but where is the benefit to do this with a car engine? For this we already use - more or less - optimized power plants to produce electricity and this way much more effective than a car engine could. So where is your intended benefit?

    Additionally, the battery in the car adds weight, the generators add weight and create a lot of friction (moment of resistance), the copper wiring adds weight and all of this reduces the miles per gallon dramatically. So overall you are loosing more energy in your setup as if the same amount of fuel was burned in a specialized power-plant to produce electrical energy.

    Do you understand what I mean?
    • Oct 20 2013: I gave a reply above. Didn't know about the reply button. Sry still new to the site
  • Timo X

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    Oct 25 2013: The unit that generates power for the lights on a bicycle is called a dynamo. Cars have something similar called an alternator, which is used to charge the battery (needed for starting the car). Sadly, the car alternator is not capable of generating more energy than you have to put in. This is because it is simply impossible to generate more energy than you put in no matter what mechanism you use. Such hypothetical systems are called perpetuum mobile (Latin for eternal motion), and Lejan properly explains the fundamental reason why they don't work.
  • Oct 20 2013: Cars will pass magnets thus pushing them away with a rod and coil system attached. The original idea was magnetic cylinders under the road and magnets on the bottom of cars that attract with a coil in the cylinder
  • Oct 20 2013: Maybe I should be more clear. This was never intended for a gas powered vehicle. It is an idea for an electric battery bank car that produces electricity over and over again filling the battery bank over and over again thus leading to the power transfer to say walmart. You pull in. Plug in. Drain the cars battery bank down to a safe opperating level and transfer all that power to said walmarts battery bank. Possible for hones as well. Now would a more efficient battery be needed for the banks. Maybe. But other than that I don't see the problem. And I deff don't see a problem with the main idea which was putting a magnetic system along road ways to react when vehicles PSS through the magnetic fields. My only question on that one would have to be what speeds can the cars go throughsaid mmagnetic field and still be recognized so to speak or is there a field to speed ratio that can be proved
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      Oct 20 2013: ' electric battery bank car that produces electricity over and over again ... '

      How? Solar? Apply this again:

      1) Action equals reaction
      2) Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed

      '... magnetic system along road ways to react when vehicles PSS through the magnetic fields ... '

      1) Action equals reaction

      Cars induce electricity (action) and slow down proportionally (reaction) while doing so. To keep the car moving it needs more energy than it has produced by induction. Thus - no gain in electrical energy!
      • Oct 20 2013: The energy produced by the magnetic system on the rd has nothing to do with the car. The car is just setting off the system by simply driving or passing** through the magnetic field and then the energy is transferred to business and homes off of major highways. And the electric car is powered by solar wind and bycicle generators on the tires. It is constantly producing energy the two ideas are completely separate
  • Oct 11 2013: we could make a static electricity system involving our cars and collect it in one blocked channel down the road almost instantaneously producing and collecting electric current off into banks for the world to use
  • Oct 11 2013: One could also put systems on cieling fans in a house or on helicopters for the airport or planes for that matter.