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How can we end over disputed islands?

Thank you for visiting my question.

Recently, some islands are strongly claimed that they don't belong to Japan. As one Japanese, I don't care if those islands are Korea, China, nor Russia. What I care is how we can have better friendship each other.

In my university, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese friends(we are very good friends) say that we should solve this problem with other countries like the UN. Because it is endless to claim "It is ours, not yours!"

I apologize for my poor English.


Closing Statement from Kumiko K

I appreciate all thoughtful and knowledgeble comments.
It was good to know ideas and feelings of people from the other countries. Also, I was touched by your dedication toward peace and logical solution.

Some comments taught me reallity that territory issue never be easy; therefore, it could continue quite long. The reason is that the problem is not only those islands, but history, resource, or prestige, and those obstacles make some effective solution useless.

However, when I see "people" in each country, most of us respect and like each other. What a waste that those love are buried by those small clusters rocks.

I feel, after all, humans are again suffered for our invention or thoughts like national border, enemy, pride, etc. Perhaps, what we can do is also our invention like understanding, friendship or internet which connect people in the world.

Thank you again for being kind to this new-comer!

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