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How can we end over disputed islands?

Thank you for visiting my question.

Recently, some islands are strongly claimed that they don't belong to Japan. As one Japanese, I don't care if those islands are Korea, China, nor Russia. What I care is how we can have better friendship each other.

In my university, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese friends(we are very good friends) say that we should solve this problem with other countries like the UN. Because it is endless to claim "It is ours, not yours!"

I apologize for my poor English.

Closing Statement from Kumiko K

I appreciate all thoughtful and knowledgeble comments.
It was good to know ideas and feelings of people from the other countries. Also, I was touched by your dedication toward peace and logical solution.

Some comments taught me reallity that territory issue never be easy; therefore, it could continue quite long. The reason is that the problem is not only those islands, but history, resource, or prestige, and those obstacles make some effective solution useless.

However, when I see "people" in each country, most of us respect and like each other. What a waste that those love are buried by those small clusters rocks.

I feel, after all, humans are again suffered for our invention or thoughts like national border, enemy, pride, etc. Perhaps, what we can do is also our invention like understanding, friendship or internet which connect people in the world.

Thank you again for being kind to this new-comer!

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    Oct 13 2013: I am sorry I didn't make this more clear.... I said if there were equal (compelling) claims by each side.
    If one group of people are clearly the claimants, then (as the judge) I would rule in their favor.
    I am clearly not a judge, so... for what it is worth...
    • Oct 13 2013: Mr. Coleara, I apologize for not commenting you yet..(I wrote but it disappeared somehow)

      I really agree with your idea of the world Court, and your explanation seems to be more rational than mine. Actually, Japan asked Korean to go the world court (ICJ). However, as Mr. Simon. K noted, some Korean politicians don't want to go there because world court nor UN is Japan's side.

      Also, your picture is so cute.
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      Oct 14 2013: Thank you for your additional comment. I appreciate your effort on helping people to solve their nations' dispute. Your comment is always welcome and no need to say sorry. :)

      I also think your avatar is so cute.How curious the baby is~ !:))))
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        Oct 14 2013: Thank you both.
        The avatar is an acknowledgement of my vanity. I am really a lot older then the avatar, really older.... Although, I have been told by people who know that I did resemble it at that age....
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          Oct 14 2013: It's fantastic to see you have a young mindset as a baby's.... But I used to think he was your grandson~:)))))
    • Oct 14 2013: I'm not sure that going to the UN is a terribly good idea.
      The UN is a very political body, and not at all neutral, both the court and general assembly. Besides, why should countries on the other side of the world decide the islands' fate?

      It doesn't help that the world court has practically zero ability to enforce its decisions.
      Laws are only relevant if enforced, and international law is more honor system than anything else (in other words, a joke of the unfunny kind).
      • Oct 14 2013: Your point of view is sever, but you might be more realistic than I am.
        I thought the UN is more neutral grope than Japanese government or the other countries' because many nationalities gather the UN for solving the world problems; however, it could be political and not neutral in the back.(humans never be perfect) Also, the argue could last after judgement is done, you are right.. Thank you.
        • Oct 14 2013: I hail from the middle east. The local nations have a long history of telling the UN to go preform an anatomically impossible act whenever it makes a ruling they doesn't like. You'd be amazed how irrelevant the UN can truly be.
          In practice, the UN's decisions only really matter if one or more of the major powers decide to back them up. And even then, they're only used as an excuse to act, never as a reason.

          The UN is still handy for enforcing ceasefires with minimal loss of face on both sides, but beyond that, its bark is worse than its bite, and it honestly doesn't even bark all that loudly. UN resolutions have little practical relevance as anything other than public relations.
  • Oct 13 2013: The logical way of resolving it would be as Mike Colera suggested, have the residents vote on it, or if uninhabited (or barely inhabited), have the claimants bid for it.
    I highly doubt it'll ever be put into practice though. Too much posturing, national pride and loss of face.

    In practice, these territorial disputes can easily stand for years without ever being truly resolved. Its usually the single least optimal outcome for everyone involved to boot; c'est la vie.
    You can say my entire country is basically one big territorial dispute, and our conflict certainly isn't going away anytime soon despite efforts to solve the whole mess for more than sixty years.
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      Oct 13 2013: “I highly doubt it'll ever be put into practice though. Too much posturing, national pride and loss of face.”

      Good point~, Thank you~!Chinese government had kept silent on this dispute for peace for years before the Japanese government claimed to buy the island and some of their government officials landed on the island. With the international stakes in the dispute, it may cost a long time. What you said was quite true.
    • Oct 13 2013: Thank you for suggesting logical ideas.
      If there is those vote, I feel Japan cannot get many votes because the vote could heart other countries.

      It might be true there are pride in each country.
      Also, it is famous in Japan that some politicians who are very extreme to buy the island.
      As Japanese people are moderate or too timid, these people are now treated very coldly.

      Also, I appreciate Ms. Feng for taking your precious time in my page.
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        Oct 13 2013: Hi~ Kumiko
        You can call me Yoka, I think your English is good. And it seems that you can speak German,right?
        • Oct 13 2013: Dear Yoka, you are so kind enough to compliment my terrible English, but yours are obviously better.

          I hope to speak German; however, I just can read..
          Your language is quite difficult to speak but I can read a bit because, I learned some Chinese poems. Also, I read some Sangokushi 三国志 in Japanse.
          (that is too popular in Japan to become comic)

          You reminds me my Chinese friend who are very nice and intelligent.
          She was kind to everybody and everyone was kind to her.
          She actually helped people in Fukushima after 3.11

          In those Chinese literature and the friend really taught me how China is nice.
          That might be the reason why many Japanese people like and admire China.

          Also, I forgot to tell you that Japanese government actually apologized several times, even recently. It might be not enough for you, but could be a light for your and their feeling. (Below is from english wiki look at 1970s or80s)

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        Oct 14 2013: Kumiko San:

        You are great~! I can't speak German~! You can also speak Chinese~!:)
        So don't worry, you just need time to practise what you learned. Be confident~!

        I'm glad you like China and our people. And I know there are different people in Japan who always face the historical problems correctly and devote themslves to develop the ralations between Japan and China.I know one is named "創価(Souka)協会” and the leader Mr. Ikeda. I just hope one day more and more people can influence your government to change their bad attitude towards Chinese matters. I know sometimes they apologized, but they just talk the talk but not walk the walk.

        Anyway I thank you for your kindness and stand on the island dispute. I think if your government can do what I've suggested, your country will be respected more by Chinese people.WE WERE FAMILY ONCE UPON A TIME.
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    Oct 12 2013: Kumiko,
    I can appreciate your comments on your neighboring countries, but having lived in the southern island of Okinawa and in Tokyo, you have so much to be proud of in your home land. Unfortunately, my Japanese friends wanted to use their English on me and I never learned Japanese.
    Territorial disputes are one of the most contentious issues between nations. the world Court is probably the most legal means to settle these disputes. I tend to stay away from the UN as this organization has fallen into a very political entity.
    If I were the Judge, I would leave the choice to the island residents, If unoccupied, to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to the loser. These judgements would be made if there were equal claims by both parties.
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      Oct 13 2013: I‘m very happy to see you resonate with me to some extent on the UN awkward position.But I can't agree on the "bid" plan, people needn't buy their own things(with plenty evidence) from other people.:)
  • Oct 12 2013: Kumiko, your English is certainly much better than my Japanese! Being bi-lingual is quite impressive.

    I rather like some of Yoka Feng's comments on the subject.

    Interestingly, the concept of land ownership is a human convention. How different cultures handle land ownership varies widely from those that look at it like a possession, to those that see themselves as just temporary occupants.

    The ideas of expansion, territorial boundaries, and concern about the security of a nation are international government concerns. Since the dispute seems to be between governments and not cultures, perhaps the best place to start is in the United Nations. This type of organization has some structure that enables countries to solve disputes with diplomacy rather than violence. This seems like a good way to resolve he issue. Perhaps they need to create a committee comprised of the countries involved and headquarter it on one of the disputed territories. As the committee members learned to live together on one of these islands, they may begin to realize that they are all not so different and perhaps they need each other to survive on a remote island.

    If I were a negotiator on this team, I think I would tend to be pragmatic and focus on a local solution. I might consider some key questions, like if the oceans rise will this still be a problem? Who can best use the land? Is there a duplicitous interest in owning it, like making it some sort of military outpost? Is it habitable? Will a big wave totally change the landscape?

    After a few of these answers were known, I would conduct my negotiations on a pretty beach on one island while everyone was fishing, particularly on evenings when there were nice sunsets. I would bring some beer or wine, some food to share, perhaps a shelter we could share if the weather changed, and enough beach chairs for everyone. We might then negotiate, laugh, tell stories, and catch fish for as long at the countries wanted to support our diplomatic effort.
    • Oct 12 2013: Mr. Galway, thank you for saying compliment of my English.
      I was so nervas to write this page that I feel relieved.

      I agree with you to talk with the United Nation, and territory problems is always difficult.
      Japan asked Korea to go to the International of justice, so there is hope to go the UN!

      While I read your key questions, I thought that the island should belong to a country where really needs it.
      For this reason, Japan may part with those islands because most people did not even know those tiny islands.
    • Da Way

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      Oct 12 2013: If I were a representative for a country, I would love to be invited to your island. However, my worry is that it may hold temporary peace, but then the next day i would be pressured by my government to negotiate the best oil/military/fishing or whatever rights for my nation's best interest/greed.
      • Oct 12 2013: Thank you, Mr Way for repling.
        And I really think oil causes too much trouble.
        I now know why my university and some Japanese company tries to invent alternative energy..
        Acually, Japan's prime ministers became ill and quit because of those stress.
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      Oct 13 2013: Thank you for your participating and interesting comment.:)
      “ I might consider some key questions, like if the oceans rise will this still be a problem? Who can best use the land? Is there a duplicitous interest in owning it, like making it some sort of military outpost? Is it habitable? Will a big wave totally change the landscape?”

      I have to say if the oceans rise all the world could disappear. But that's the extreme case and hypothesis. As opposed to it, actually we recently have heard a small island rose in the sea in Pakistan in the earthquake.:)

      And I think your view is from the individual, for every individual that is only a piece of land on the earth but for a country it's rights,dignity and sovereignty. I agree with Da Way's description of the benefits fight based on the situation.

      I wonder whether it needs discussing on the United Nation's table if the US doesn't step in between Japan and China. According to the history and all the ancient territorial maps, it was FIRSTLY found, inhabited and used by Chinese people. In addition, Japanese PEOPLE actually don't think it's right and necessary to buy it.

      Thank you for your contribution again, if I've mistaken something, please correct me.
      • Oct 13 2013: Since I am unfamiliar with the exact islands being discussed, I included the oceans rising comment to address the size of the land we are discussing. I saw a news report several years ago where small rocks were emerging from the sea and various countries had stationed soldier to sit on these rocks, staking a claim to it with their presence. If that is what is under discussion, then it is more a symbolic fight than one for real usable property.

        My view was absolutely from the individual and my fishing on the beach scenario was intended to convey the fact that the two peoples would probably need each other to survive and enjoy each other's company provided the relationship was one that grew from peace and trust rather than aggression.

        Issues such as rights and sovereignty belong in a place where a framework exists for peaceful discussion...such as the United Nations.

        I think dignity is something that countries must work out with their people internally, and it may also be something the individual has to define.

        Your arguments about the history of the dispute and the opinion of the Japanese people sound like the start of a good case to support one position in the dispute.

        The perception that the US needs to step between China and Japan is an opinion. It may not be shared by all US citizens, or even the majority. The US has taken actions to protect US interests globally, and has been part of multi-national UN policing actions in the past. However, the decision to act as arbitrator or enforcer outside the UN puts the US at a bit of a risk of losing influence inside the UN. Such a decision must be weighed very carefully.
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          Oct 14 2013: I know an individual's view, you're right, actually some people were born to have multi-cultural backgrounds and can immigrate to other countries easily. For those people, nation isn't an important concept compared with people.

          I favor your opinion on cooperating with each other to survive and change the world for better. I think this is the dream of all people over the world.But we should respect each other first,right?

          I appreciate your reminder of cultivating our people internally to gain more dignity in the international world.I know sometimes the reputation of Chinese is not so good due to our uncivilized behaviors aborad.This should really be paid attention to.

          Thanks for your neutral stand on this matter again~!
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    Oct 14 2013: By taking out war lords out of the scene......
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    Oct 13 2013: Share.
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    Lejan .

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    Oct 12 2013: I like your nation! I like Korea, China and Russia as well.

    And on the island issue you may find a judgement of Solomon one day. All nations involved could set a beautiful example to the world that land can be equally shared instead of being just separately owned. Its up to you!
    • Oct 13 2013: Thank you Mr. Lejan.

      I like the word in the Bible "Love your nighbors" and "hate guilt, not people"
      I don't know how I need to say in proper English, though..

      Both words are well-known in Japan.
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        Lejan .

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        Oct 13 2013: I think I understand what you mean, even though I am not a friend of the Bible.

        Yet as long as people are willing to get into dialog, like you, to find solutions to a problem, like you, there is the chance for things to turn for a better.

        And it is theses people I like in any nation!
        • Oct 13 2013: Thank you..your heartfelt comments make me courageous and hopeful.
          I will do more efforts to understand people in all over the world, like you.
          Also, I am sorry for using the Bible words; even though, I don't know anything about it.
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        Lejan .

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        Oct 13 2013: Hi Kumiko,

        the fact that I am no friend of the bible is nothing you should ever be concerned about. Therefore no need to be sorry at all! :o) Yet I do appreciate your intention!

        I looked at your profile and smiled. You said there to TED:

        'But, please put more Japanese subs..(Most Japanese cannot understand English as much as Americans cannot understand Japanese)'

        Do you know that you can become a TED translator yourself if you are interested?

        In case you are, have a look here:
        • Oct 13 2013: Thank you, Mr. Lejan, for honorable offering.
          Though, I almost never have conversation in English, I just love english literature and movies. Therefore, I am not confident at all; however, I would like to try from more small things.
          I also checked your profile of you.(Ich lerne deutch ins mine Universität!)
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      Oct 13 2013: Hi~ Lejan,

      Thank you for your kind comment and advice. But I think something you can't share with other people such like your properties etc. If someone out of no where claims your house belongs to them and breaks into it , can you bear to share your house with him? One of our evidence is the Potsdam Proclamation after the WW2 in Germany, It's said Japan can only have their 4 islands and other nearby islands based on Chinese's (one of the victorious nations )admission and we Chinese government never gives up the island from our ancient times except for the invaded periods.

      Thank you again for letting me know your thought.:)
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        Lejan .

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        Oct 13 2013: Hi Yoka,

        take a look at this map, please:

        This map is a small animation about different dynasties which over the time formed the country in which you live today, China.

        Let us now take a snap-shot at 923CE to zoom in on the empire of Wu.

        The people of Wu lived together as a nation, they farmed the land for food, they traded with each other and many of them gained their property.

        Then came a period of war and anything changed. The empire Wu vanished, it became part of another empire and dynasty and former people of Wu may well have lost all of their belongings and properties during this troubled times. Many have died in the war and some maybe became refugees.

        What do you think would your todays government in China do, when a descendant of the Wu empire would ask to return to him the former property of his ancestors?

        Imagine he could even give evidence, maybe some old documents from that time, to ensure his claim to be legal.

        Do you think this property, some land, would be returned to him? And if not, what would be the official explanation for this decision?

        Has Germany any legal rights to claim back the region of East Prussia, which is Poland today? Well, I don't think so.

        Since the beginning of history wars have changed borders by brutal force and confiscate property of their former owners. This is a cruel fact and I do not welcome nor tolerate it, yet it seems to be the way it is.

        The, at that time of victory, dominating authority gets to set the rules and the new geographical order.

        And because this domination will spark the anger of the inferior, this was often reason for the continuation of wars, etc, etc, etc ...

        Now at what point in time regarding property, do you draw a line? 20, 50, 100, 1500 years?

        You may see, that what ever justification you may bring, other people could disagree, etc...
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          Oct 13 2013: HI! Lejan,

          Thank you indeed for your materials although I can't open and see it.

          I can guess what it is and don't want to trash it.However, I'd like to say if you date back to the Wu dynasty, why not date back to the time that we were apeman? There were no nations at all. And to tell you the truth, Japanese language derived from Wu language which is to say Japanese people also came from China.(Shanghai dialect also belongs to the Wu language, that's why we have no difficulties in Japanese pronunciation.)

          According to the territorial maps made by Chinese Government and Japanese Authorities , Japanese Government admitted our Diaoyu island before the Sino-Japaness War of 1894-1895, some historians even bought some famous maps in Japan.

          And I think if the Japanese Government could change their aggressive face, do deep self-inspections and walk the talk to stop provoking disputes on historical matters and boundary issues, we Chinese will be very glad to accept them and welcome their renascence. Every time when their government turns out a friendly face to us, we welcome their friendly signals and try to react accordingly, but soon after that the Japanese government can suddenly take the advantage of the chance to grab some benefits from the improved a little bit relations.That's really not decent.

          As I have said, we welcome friendly Japanese people and want to develop the friendship with them in the folk channel. But If some officials want to land on the Diaoyu island they can ask for our permission and we'll take it into consideration. And I think they needn't land on this barren island because there're so many American islands for them to land whenever they like.
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        Lejan .

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        Oct 13 2013: As much as I know about those islands as they are today, you call them Diaoyu, they have never been constantly inhabited by people of any nation.

        So the first time I got to hear about it, I wondered, what is the big deal about some small islands where nobody lives, that nations get in conflict over it. So I did some reading and found the real cause:

        Resources - namely OIL

        And because we have the rule, that resources belong to those nations on which property it is found, we have this conflict about a view island with not much more than vegetation and some animals on it.

        At the end and to me, it is about WHO gets the OIL ...

        Would it be worth to start a war about it? Would it be worth that anybody would loose its live?

        I don't think so!

        To me it would be wise, that all interested nations who claim their interest on some base of justification would equally share the resources who may be rich in their quantity.

        This way, all would get a piece of the cake and the conflict could be settled.

        I would even form a special company, in which workers of all parties work together united in one mind.

        I would even go one step further. On one of these islands I would build a trans-national school, in which students from China, Japan and Korea join together to learn from one another and to form strong friendships in between their countries.

        This to me would be wise, anything else will have the risk for everlasting conflict or even worse.

        All of you could set an example to the world what can be done if nations choose to unite instead to separate.

        I know it can be done!
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        Lejan .

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        Oct 13 2013: ' ... why not date back to the time that we were apeman? '

        Exactly, you understood my point! Every line drawn can be questioned! Who is right?

        I disagree with your views, but will end this conversation at this point, because I don't wish to give your accusations any more place in Kumiko's forum.

        You are no representative of your government, and so is Kumiko for hers, yet as much as I see she is the one reaching out her hand for a better understanding and if I was you, as a private person, I would take it in good manner for its true intention.

        But I thank you for the interesting informations about the Chinese and Japanese language, which was new to me and just coincidentally triggered by my example. Very interesting indeed, highly appreciated.
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          Oct 14 2013: Thank you for your links, I can see it now. Quite interesting!
          But I stick to my point and you can disagree with me on anything as you like.:)
          I'm glad I happened to have informed you of something useful.
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    Simon K

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    Oct 12 2013: I can truly understand your feeling(See my profile). Yeah, I also feel this silent war must be ended, and I really like some of the Japanese cartoons. In short, these countries need to restore their history if it is distorted. The prime reason of territorial conflict is due to historical matters, and it is definitely needed to solve this problem. Moreover, many Koreans don't agree with this problem solved in the UN since the UN is more friendly to Japan, not Korea, they think. As you know, the three countries need to hurry to solve the problem, become united economically and show the power of the East Asia, and I'm really looking forward to viewing three countries' good relationship.
    Besides, understand my terrible English. Mine is far worse than yours...
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      Oct 13 2013: I totally agree with you that the UN is more friendly to Japan because of the stake with the US. I'm also looking forward to the good friendship between our countries too.
      Thank you.
  • Oct 12 2013: I would arbitrate but who would ask me Some sort of special court or arbitration would seem the way to go, but maybe some of the parties don't want a solution.
    • Oct 12 2013: Thank you for saying that you will be arbitrate. It is true that the arbitration must be difficult..
      • Oct 12 2013: It can be somewhat like a trial or more informal. Really one would use well-respected jurists or political leaders, but I assume there are alternative agendas. And there may be a great deal of oil. involved.
        • Oct 12 2013: It seems true If nothing valuable could found in those islands, no one cared..
          Thank you for providing me ideas.
      • Oct 13 2013: Kumiko K Who k nows about the oil in the Pacific or many other places So ownership of previously unimportant islands maybe matters.
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      Oct 12 2013: You are American, right? What do you think of this kind of territory dispute from the US angle?What do you refer to the well-respected jurists? :)
      I'm very interested in other country's people's points of view on this matter.
      • Oct 13 2013: As an American I don't see an interest and hope we stay out of the way but I hope everyone is treated fairly. Well This matters to most Pacific nations My idea would be to use the Supreme Court of Iceland or Ireland or whatever or some combination as a fact finding group. Certainly, We respect leading jurists in India, Japan, Australia etc. But isn't that getting near the action.
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          Oct 13 2013: You made a good point : the US should take a neutral stand not being the back support to Japan if they pretend to know nothing about the true history of the island. But......

          I hope your government will be as upright as you.:)
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    Oct 12 2013: Hello, Kumiko San

    I think your idea and desire are very good but I'm afraid the problem always lies in your government. I've to say based on my expriences connected with many Japanese people, I'm really touched by your people's serious and meticulous attitude towards work.And your animation and cartoon industry always fascinates lots of young Chinese(Eg.One Piece is so popular). Your people always act courteously and politely to the surroundings which makes people feel respected. I've learned a lot from your PEOPLE. But follwing some historical factors , your country's political stand is a little against China and close to America, our friendship only can be developed through a folk channel.Your government play tricks to try to manipulate the relations between Asian countries and the USA. I'm afraid that can't be changed if your government don't have a correct view on your past unpleasant intrusive history and apologize with sincerity.
    Anyway, I think I agree with you on developing the relations with Japanese PEOPLE and Chinese PEOPLE.

    "4679" :)
    • Oct 12 2013: I really appriciate for your concidarate comment.
      I and many Japanese agree that the government in my country is terrible. It takes more and more tax from companies and people, and they just do almost nothing good.
      I hope our government will understand the feelings of some Asian countries and approgize sinserly..
      And I hope your country can be more peace and full of happiness.
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        Oct 12 2013: Thank you for your wishes and frankness.I think if your government could have the same attitude as yours on this matter, the relations between Japan and China , Korea would be much better. As a matter of fact, we are strongly against your governmental officials going to the Yasukuni Shrine to worship the notorious War criminals' cremains. This hurt our feelings. Those evil people abused their power and made you ashamed in the history and be dependent on America. I don't understand why Japanese people regard them as heroes.And your government falsified the Japanese history books to get your brain washed that you were great in the war.What's your opinion on this?
        • Oct 12 2013: In Japan, we don't learn any soldier are hero, but most of them are victims.

          Therefore, some people go to the Yasukuni shrine for those victims who died in the war.
          Yes, it is true that there are some bad Japanese people may had killed not only Americans or Korean people but also Japanese; unfortunately, they are all combined in the same shrine. Maybe that is problem..

          Thank you for saying honestly.
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        Oct 12 2013: Thank you for your objective answer too. I think we don't feel angry if you worship for those soldiers losing their life in the war against their will but not the top class A War criminals. I think their cremains should be taken out from the shrine and sowed into the soil to help to nourish some evergreen trees(named guilty tree) to represent the peace and express the good attitude of developing friendship with other victim countries. Have you ever thought of disposing of those cremations?How do you like my idea?
        • Oct 12 2013: I agree with you for taking out bad people.
          However I have never hate anyone strongly in my life, so I haven't imagined to dispose someone..

          I want the tree named Peace tree
          because I like this word.

          Thank you.
          I hope no anger or sadness exsist in your country China but full of hapiness.
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        Oct 13 2013: I appreciate your positive attitude on the disposal of those bad people's cremations.I think if your people insist doing so and appeal to and pressure your government hard, the good result could be realized one day.

        I don't mind the name of the tree is "Peace Tree", but just as that Aug.15 is your national peace day but many people don't realize what actual meaning it is,I think you should let your people know the intrusive history and what the criminals‘ atrocity brought to your people as well as other countries' people in order to warn all people to keep away from the idea of any intrusions with an introduction board beside the tree. Maybe you can arrange to let all the Chinese ,Japan,Korean etc visitors to write some thoughts or wishes on the paper and show them in the public to improve the friendships between each parties.

        Do you think your people agree on this issue and can influence your government?
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    Oct 12 2013: your querying honoring your human inside .when this governments will have your opportunities they'll find a way all together for it...Thank you
    • Oct 12 2013: I appriciate for your warm comment. Yes, I belive we can solve this problem because most people actually love each other.