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Can we ever achieve World Peace?

Can we ever achieve world peace? and how would we approach it? It seems that the idea of world peace moves further and further away as war continues to progress across the world and oil companies seeming to govern our world. If there was a chance in which we could live harmoniously, could it be done in a country governed by the fundamental laws of capitalism? How would we combat different faiths and could science hold the potential for world peace?


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    Oct 23 2013: Peter, to answer the very end of your question, I do think technology can help move the world toward peace. The same issues we have today are in the way of course. Who has control of this technology? How does it get to those with less power/means? And so on. I believe that at some point in the future technology will remove some if not all of the issues the world has (hunger, disease, etc), which will at the very least help move everyone towards peace.

    On another note, the "trick" to peace may be to let people come to it. Like minded people need to come together and start working towards peace on their own and let others see the progress and come in their own time. Forcing people to conform is never going to work as that is just another type of "violence".

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