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Can we ever achieve World Peace?

Can we ever achieve world peace? and how would we approach it? It seems that the idea of world peace moves further and further away as war continues to progress across the world and oil companies seeming to govern our world. If there was a chance in which we could live harmoniously, could it be done in a country governed by the fundamental laws of capitalism? How would we combat different faiths and could science hold the potential for world peace?


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  • Oct 12 2013: peter yeseab --
    Great idea to debate.
    Can we ever achieve world peace?
    There are nations without much history of War.
    I suggest we study those nations and states who have lived with their neighbors for a period of
    200 years or more, without engaging in any War or War-like activities, and have leadership which
    treats citizens with respect.
    Historically -
    Fear has always been the fundamental root cause used by untrustworthy leaders through
    controlled gossip to play on their follower's senses of insecurity, and thus, to create War.
    Why are Americans always afraid? Controlled gossip.
    Americans are always warned by our controlled content media - "Free Press" - to be afraid
    of who's coming after us. People including voters are easily moved by a controlled content
    media and their polls, A scheme of political party leaders selecting candidates usually results
    in elected leaders that are untrustworthy.

    Elected, our President's, lie to us, and play on our fears, our senses of insecurity, to create War.
    Let me float this and get your opinion.
    • Oct 13 2013: HI Frank,

      fantastic argument, but how are we as a people able to combat this 'controlled gossip'? and how do we know who to trust? you've got many people across the globe who have strived for peace and somewhat have succeeded to a certain extent, but it all comes down to the individual in the end. And laws must be put in place to allow people to see whats going on around them and be able to act on it. Power to the people in a sense, but although it may seem we have the power, in many democratic countries, games, TV and inflicted fear seem to slow down society from achieving peace.
      • Oct 13 2013: peter yeseab, thank you for your thoughts.

        Past history -- Geographical Governments have used Churches and Mosques,
        where people gather, to have their proclamations proclaimed by Church leaders
        and Imams, which have double carried the weight of government's intentions.

        Churches and Mosques where people gather, have been the trumpets, calling the
        peoples to arms. .Western Church leaders accepting stewardship of the homes
        and farms while their owners marched to war.

        As you can see, the Government's methods were effective.
        Recent history.

        In the United States, a system of commerce was developed by Congress.
        Corporations were given status "more" equal than that held by citizens.
        As a carrot, Corporations were given Limited Liability Protections, intended
        to keep them within the geographical boundaries of the United States.

        Corporate empires were built, the nation grew great. Lobby's feasted.

        Politicians, and Corporate Lobby maneuver's produced Political Parties.
        The 2 Parties today are Corporate sponsored. They select every candidate
        for political office, and guide their campaigns.

        Controlled content of Media is achieved by the purchase of advertisements'
        in vast quantities, and by specific information that is doled out to reporters.
        This happens everyday of the year. Some reporters are stationed at the
        White House for the dole.

        The media has it's own Polls, Print and Video News, Television and Movies.
        Americans know that the last 6 major Wars were started with a lie.
        But the media hypnotizes the people to ignore the lies and re-elect the villains.
        Getting Scary-
        The United States Government has 850,000 employees
        with Top Secret Clearances working for the current Administration.
        CIA, DNI, DHS, DOD, DOJ, FBI, NSA, FISA, and Research Facilities.
        Also, President Obama, the Congress, and the Supreme Court.

        Are these Political People, their Agencies, with the Media, trying to
        achieve World Peace?
        • Oct 13 2013: I think I may need to congratulate you on that one and a great century's worth of history!
        • Oct 19 2013: NO, world leaders seek world order.. whatever that means..

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