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Can we ever achieve World Peace?

Can we ever achieve world peace? and how would we approach it? It seems that the idea of world peace moves further and further away as war continues to progress across the world and oil companies seeming to govern our world. If there was a chance in which we could live harmoniously, could it be done in a country governed by the fundamental laws of capitalism? How would we combat different faiths and could science hold the potential for world peace?

  • Oct 13 2013: Gandhi had it right: "Be the change that you want to see in the world"
    I think that's the best we can do
    • Oct 14 2013: Gandhi certainly caused great change, but unfortunately, he was also shot dead. Which goes to show you just how unrealistic world peace is, I'm afraid.

      Sometimes, "best we can do" just isn't good enough. Even if its all that can realistically be expected.
      • Oct 14 2013: There are parts of my life where I got into trouble and caused a lot of pain and there are parts of my life which were much better and life was enjoyable. In both cases it was the choices I made that are the difference. In other words I choose my own destiny. If I change, my perception of the world around me changes. Gandhi died but he was right. We all die, the question is: Is the world a better place because we were here?
  • Oct 11 2013: The word peace is a negative word and it defines negativity.Because when war is over after much blood shed,then we say peace has been established between two warring countries.When a person passes away and become dead then we say "May the soul be rest at peace".Peace is established after riot is over. So,what does it means that peace comes after negative events.Peace never comes before the occurrence of the negative event.

    When ever you will Invite peace it will come only after negative event is over.Peace comes after noise.

    Harmony is the word which is a positive word and defines positive events and positive actions.Harmony creates music and it does not come before or after any event . But , its existence is felt even while the positive events or actions are going on and even when the event is over.

    So , Instead of peace people should focus on harmony. Invite Harmony and Peace will follow. Both , Harmony and Peace are Wife and Husband. Invite Wife , husband will follow.Invite husband war will follow.
  • Oct 28 2013: No... we cannot.
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    Oct 23 2013: Peter, to answer the very end of your question, I do think technology can help move the world toward peace. The same issues we have today are in the way of course. Who has control of this technology? How does it get to those with less power/means? And so on. I believe that at some point in the future technology will remove some if not all of the issues the world has (hunger, disease, etc), which will at the very least help move everyone towards peace.

    On another note, the "trick" to peace may be to let people come to it. Like minded people need to come together and start working towards peace on their own and let others see the progress and come in their own time. Forcing people to conform is never going to work as that is just another type of "violence".
  • Oct 23 2013: Seems to me that in certain areas and countries people are able to walk around without constant fear, even at night and being female. At least more so than maybe 100 or 200 years ago.
    Slowly, very slowly this world is becoming a better more peaceful world.

    Also, if we cannot be peaceful on a personal level, how are we supposed to achieve that on a worldly level?
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    Oct 13 2013: World peace could be achieved. However, I don't see it happening anytime soon. It would require a shared vision and cooperation on a global scale.

    We need to remove this primitive need for control and power. If we don't see a huge culture shift world peace is just not plausible.
    • Oct 15 2013: Henry Woeltjen 10+ I agree.

      If you've ever watched Army Ants; Human Politicians are about at that stage.

      The bulk of humanity just wants to get along, and they do, until someone
      starts to make trouble. Then human lawyers jump into the fray, with a lie.
      They can only make money if there is a conflict to be resolved. That is why
      lawyers make up the bulk of the 3 branches of United States government.

      They hop up on a stump, or as technology has provided, a soap-box,
      and begin to lay out the "big Problem"; Peace is being threatened.
      The solution: Always War. The Winner, writes the history.
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    Oct 13 2013: maybe if we could remove or mitigate the emotion fear out of humanity but to do so would have other negative effects.
    I see fear as the biggest driver behind problems. government's fearing they don't have enough resource's. Politian's fearing they will not make the next term in office unless they do what people want instead of what is needed or there fund will dry up from companies sponsoring there campaigns if they don't pass laws in there favour.
    Personal fear( who's that weird looking person next door. can they be trusted. )
    All my life I have had it drilled into me I am an individual and I think this is part of the problem. Fear is usually driven from unknown factors. So is to individual to be unknown?
    But at the same time people are all most addicted to it. As most news papers would say (if it bleeds they read) and this just excavates the problem.
    maybe some day we will achieve complete personal transparency between every one on earth
    • Oct 13 2013: I agree, it seems now everything and everyone is governed by fear. The only moments that we conquer our own individual fear is through being inspired and motivated to carry out good and moral actions. some of this can be done via faiths and other times role models. but the media in a sense carries the key to the medicine of national fear, as they are the ones telling ghost stories to make it sell. The manipulation of stories can have drastic effects on society, as you can start for example the story of British colonisation from the moment of the successful democratic independence of South Africa but not the colonialism itself.
  • Oct 11 2013: We need to first ask the following questions: "What would world peace look like?" "How would it work?" What would it require of each of us as individuals?" When we answer these questions we can become more "Peace-Able"; that is, more capable of accepting our responsibilities in a more peaceful world, capable of behaving in ways that, as individuals and societies, honor the human experience in all its diversity and are more likely to lead to healthy, life affirming solutions to the inevitable conflicts that arise between us.
  • Oct 11 2013: Yes. But there is no combat involved. It is beyond what the mind can conceive.
    • Oct 15 2013: Scott, What the mind of man can conceive, the United States Government can achieve.

      The United States as it's motive for Peace, makes preemptive Wars upon other nation's shores.
      The United States names it's agency to carry out it's preemptive Wars upon other nation's shores,
      the United States of America Department of Defense.

      Go figure...
      • Oct 15 2013: What is to be done?
        • Oct 15 2013: Scott, I don't have much hope for us.

          America did well from the time they were part of the Gold Standard 1870ish.
          That changed in 1913-14. 100 years later, America is facing a future that
          looks frankly, bad. Even the Mexicans see that the American Dream is gone. Evaporated.

          My dream list --
          Taxed Payers pay a flat 10% of gross income.
          Welfare Burden limited to 10% of prior year net collected Taxes.
          HealthCare Burden limited to 20% of prior year net collected Taxes.
          Retirement Burden limited to 20% of prior year net collected Taxes.
          Military Burden limited to 20% of prior year net collected Taxes.
          Infrastructure Burden limited to 20% of prior year net collected Taxes.
          Education Burden limited to 10% of prior year net collected Taxes.
          Surplus accumulations to Foreign Aid to Water, Feed, and House.

          Change our nation's system of Commerce to include safeguards.
          Eliminate Corporate Protections, including Limited Liability Laws.
          Prohibit Lobby efforts by any past/present employee of Government.
      • Oct 16 2013: There seems to be crisis of Consciousness in the leadership. It may be a reflection of a similar crisis in Individuals of society feeling more and more isolated. More and more helpless. We seem to be deep into the rabbit hole of no hope. Then again, no great Transformation has occurred without having been preceded by great dangers.....great crises. The revolution must occur within the individual.....doubting everything for everything has lead us to this point. Fangers crossed
  • Oct 22 2013: Let us be the change we want to see. Since we are all here talking about it, it must be possible. We cannot overcome the evil of the world. The attempts at overcoming evils have only ever lead to more evil, evil that is justified in that "it is for the greater good". The evils must be circumvented. We must learn to live without those people and things that cause evil and through this, all who object and resist will see that their way is meaningless, and they will join us.
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    Oct 20 2013: no, you cannot achieve world peace in the name of war
  • Oct 16 2013: We are too tribal - need a goal/cause that is in synch with all the goals of all the tribes.
  • Oct 16 2013: I've wrung out everything I had on this topic.

    Historically, Statues are of Military Hero's.
    Huge cemeteries pay silent homage to fallen soldier's of wars.
    New crops are planted where major battles were fought.

    No hope exists for change.
    As Army Ants we humans march onward to our certain fate.
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    Oct 12 2013: serious question brings another serious question :can the differences between faiths turn us all in tolerance together ? we're here in Ted everyone is tolerant with other and everyone might be with his own faith....from it i think it's a problem of intolerance to the why do you think we still stuck in the IQ like the best test we're using it now to partition the human and we're stuck until now to developing the EQ(emotional quotient)?...the wrongness is deep only the right can grow it to the absolute ethics...the principal of this conversation is noble and will honoring us back at the end i hope...Thank You
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    Oct 12 2013: Maybe ...
  • Oct 12 2013: peter yeseab --
    Great idea to debate.
    Can we ever achieve world peace?
    There are nations without much history of War.
    I suggest we study those nations and states who have lived with their neighbors for a period of
    200 years or more, without engaging in any War or War-like activities, and have leadership which
    treats citizens with respect.
    Historically -
    Fear has always been the fundamental root cause used by untrustworthy leaders through
    controlled gossip to play on their follower's senses of insecurity, and thus, to create War.
    Why are Americans always afraid? Controlled gossip.
    Americans are always warned by our controlled content media - "Free Press" - to be afraid
    of who's coming after us. People including voters are easily moved by a controlled content
    media and their polls, A scheme of political party leaders selecting candidates usually results
    in elected leaders that are untrustworthy.

    Elected, our President's, lie to us, and play on our fears, our senses of insecurity, to create War.
    Let me float this and get your opinion.
    • Oct 13 2013: HI Frank,

      fantastic argument, but how are we as a people able to combat this 'controlled gossip'? and how do we know who to trust? you've got many people across the globe who have strived for peace and somewhat have succeeded to a certain extent, but it all comes down to the individual in the end. And laws must be put in place to allow people to see whats going on around them and be able to act on it. Power to the people in a sense, but although it may seem we have the power, in many democratic countries, games, TV and inflicted fear seem to slow down society from achieving peace.
      • Oct 13 2013: peter yeseab, thank you for your thoughts.

        Past history -- Geographical Governments have used Churches and Mosques,
        where people gather, to have their proclamations proclaimed by Church leaders
        and Imams, which have double carried the weight of government's intentions.

        Churches and Mosques where people gather, have been the trumpets, calling the
        peoples to arms. .Western Church leaders accepting stewardship of the homes
        and farms while their owners marched to war.

        As you can see, the Government's methods were effective.
        Recent history.

        In the United States, a system of commerce was developed by Congress.
        Corporations were given status "more" equal than that held by citizens.
        As a carrot, Corporations were given Limited Liability Protections, intended
        to keep them within the geographical boundaries of the United States.

        Corporate empires were built, the nation grew great. Lobby's feasted.

        Politicians, and Corporate Lobby maneuver's produced Political Parties.
        The 2 Parties today are Corporate sponsored. They select every candidate
        for political office, and guide their campaigns.

        Controlled content of Media is achieved by the purchase of advertisements'
        in vast quantities, and by specific information that is doled out to reporters.
        This happens everyday of the year. Some reporters are stationed at the
        White House for the dole.

        The media has it's own Polls, Print and Video News, Television and Movies.
        Americans know that the last 6 major Wars were started with a lie.
        But the media hypnotizes the people to ignore the lies and re-elect the villains.
        Getting Scary-
        The United States Government has 850,000 employees
        with Top Secret Clearances working for the current Administration.
        CIA, DNI, DHS, DOD, DOJ, FBI, NSA, FISA, and Research Facilities.
        Also, President Obama, the Congress, and the Supreme Court.

        Are these Political People, their Agencies, with the Media, trying to
        achieve World Peace?
        • Oct 13 2013: I think I may need to congratulate you on that one and a great century's worth of history!
        • Keith W

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          Oct 19 2013: NO, world leaders seek world order.. whatever that means..
  • Da Way

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    Oct 12 2013: How do you define world peace? Absence of conflict or world co-operation? they are very different things.

    A common threat to all man-kind may achieve world co-operation, and if we fail to deal with the threat, and humans are wiped out, that would achieve 'absence of conflict'.
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    Oct 11 2013: Hi Peter,

    I go along with the bible. Bloodshed & mayhem will continue until most of the world line up against Israel. This will result in the long awaited Battle of Armageddon, which will be rudely interrupted by the Second Coming of Christ. He will impose world peace for a thousand years.

    • Oct 11 2013: Hi Peter Law

      Valid point, however, that suggests that we should stand by and let the world carry on in chaos. Although a believer myself, doesn't the Bible teach that we should at least strive for peace?
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        Oct 12 2013: Jesus gave us two commands; 1) Love God, & 2) Love one another. In my daily life I seek to do both. The effect of this should be to cultivate peace. However, try as I might, I still have tendencies to anger, selfishness, lust, etc. I recognise however that ,by promoting Jesus & his instruction, the overall effect should be to spread peace.
        The sorry truth is, however, that the very mention of Jesus get's the hackles up on the majority of people. So, yes, we should promote peace with all vigour, but we have to realise most people don't want it on these terms. Aside from that, the bible is quite clear regarding how history will end.
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          Oct 12 2013: Peter L,
          You write..."Bloodshed & mayhem will continue until most of the world line up against Israel".

          Then you say that we have two commands...1) Love God, & 2) Love one another

          Is the whole world lining up against Israel a way to love them? Seems like a contradiction.

          Peter Y,
          Yes, I think/feel we can achieve world peace when we GENUINELY respect and love one another.
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          Oct 12 2013: I know of many long term experiments and effectiveness studies, yet after 2013 years without any significant positive result and progress, this case can definitely be closed.

          What 'get's the hackles up on the majority of people' isn't Jesus, its his promotion. 2013 years is to long a time for the always same commercial.
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      Oct 11 2013: Hello Peter (Law),
      How can an "imposed peace", be real peace?
      Isn't that what dictator Tito did in the former Yugoslavia (impose peace), which lasted until after his departure, after which the country then descended into the horrible 1990s bloodshed of the latent suppressed unresolved psychological issues of Serbs vs Croats vs Bosnians vs Macedonians vs Herzegovinians vs Montenegrians as well as the two smaller ethnic groups in Kosovo and Vijvidina plus the Albanians who happened to be the wrong side of the border??

      As I vaguely recall from the Bible, amongst many things Jesus suggested 'making enemies friends' - which can be taken at 3 levels (as can all holy texts) (i) at face value on the pure material level, (ii) in terms of consciousness and awareness, and (iii) mystically.
      In which case the onus on us humans (being created of "God-stuff" in like image), is to work towards resolving our own inner conflicts whilst at the same time sponsoring a pilgrimage of trust on earth whereby we endeavour to see 'the Christ' in others, no matter what the material form appears to be.
      To take a hands-off approach and blandly accept "bloodshed and mayhem" as inevitable until 'Jesus returns to sort it all out and impose peace' seems, to me, a cop-out unworthy of attempts at christian living.
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        Oct 12 2013: Hi Joshua,
        Cool name by the way, same as Jesus.
        See my reply to Peter above.

        Dictatorship by man, & dictatorship by God, are entirely different.
        We are talking of a being who created the universe; you just don't get any more powerful than that. He came to earth as a human to be totally abused by mankind, because it was the only way to extricate us from the aweful consequences of our own stupidity. If He did not love us, why would He bring such grief upon Himself?
        I'll be honest. I have a pretty good life; but if someone offered me eternal life in this place, I would pass. However, to be cared for by a God who loves me enough to die for me, well that's a totally different story. That kind of dictatorship, I can handle.

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    Oct 11 2013: .

    We can if we quit greed,
    which makes wars.

    (Greed comes from invalid (harmful) happiness)
    • Oct 11 2013: But that requires changing many bases of culture in western powers, how can we do that?
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        Oct 13 2013: .

        Just let people know
        invalid happiness is HARMFULL.
        • Oct 13 2013: haha true, but its going to need a power that has lots of influence to induce that idea
  • Oct 11 2013: S A D L Y

    N O
    • Oct 13 2013: love the optimism
      • Oct 14 2013: Unfortunately we need to be realists. Hope I am surprised.
  • Oct 11 2013: I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were you.
    While more conflicts are being solved than generated since the end of the cold war, that may well be a temporary trend, and in any case would never really stamp out the last of the fighting. Or even get close to doing so.

    Too much bad blood, too many politicians stirring up nationalist to the point of fanaticism to gather up votes, too many religious nut jobs trying to spread their faith with the edge of a sword, and to be perfectly honest, enough people whom are actually in need of killing to make some of the fighting worthwhile (take one good look at North Korea for example, and tell me you don't want to see that regime gone and buried).