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Can we ever achieve World Peace?

Can we ever achieve world peace? and how would we approach it? It seems that the idea of world peace moves further and further away as war continues to progress across the world and oil companies seeming to govern our world. If there was a chance in which we could live harmoniously, could it be done in a country governed by the fundamental laws of capitalism? How would we combat different faiths and could science hold the potential for world peace?


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    Oct 13 2013: World peace could be achieved. However, I don't see it happening anytime soon. It would require a shared vision and cooperation on a global scale.

    We need to remove this primitive need for control and power. If we don't see a huge culture shift world peace is just not plausible.
    • Oct 15 2013: Henry Woeltjen 10+ I agree.

      If you've ever watched Army Ants; Human Politicians are about at that stage.

      The bulk of humanity just wants to get along, and they do, until someone
      starts to make trouble. Then human lawyers jump into the fray, with a lie.
      They can only make money if there is a conflict to be resolved. That is why
      lawyers make up the bulk of the 3 branches of United States government.

      They hop up on a stump, or as technology has provided, a soap-box,
      and begin to lay out the "big Problem"; Peace is being threatened.
      The solution: Always War. The Winner, writes the history.

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