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Can we ever achieve World Peace?

Can we ever achieve world peace? and how would we approach it? It seems that the idea of world peace moves further and further away as war continues to progress across the world and oil companies seeming to govern our world. If there was a chance in which we could live harmoniously, could it be done in a country governed by the fundamental laws of capitalism? How would we combat different faiths and could science hold the potential for world peace?


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    Oct 11 2013: Hi Peter,

    I go along with the bible. Bloodshed & mayhem will continue until most of the world line up against Israel. This will result in the long awaited Battle of Armageddon, which will be rudely interrupted by the Second Coming of Christ. He will impose world peace for a thousand years.

    • Oct 11 2013: Hi Peter Law

      Valid point, however, that suggests that we should stand by and let the world carry on in chaos. Although a believer myself, doesn't the Bible teach that we should at least strive for peace?
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        Oct 12 2013: Jesus gave us two commands; 1) Love God, & 2) Love one another. In my daily life I seek to do both. The effect of this should be to cultivate peace. However, try as I might, I still have tendencies to anger, selfishness, lust, etc. I recognise however that ,by promoting Jesus & his instruction, the overall effect should be to spread peace.
        The sorry truth is, however, that the very mention of Jesus get's the hackles up on the majority of people. So, yes, we should promote peace with all vigour, but we have to realise most people don't want it on these terms. Aside from that, the bible is quite clear regarding how history will end.
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          Oct 12 2013: Peter L,
          You write..."Bloodshed & mayhem will continue until most of the world line up against Israel".

          Then you say that we have two commands...1) Love God, & 2) Love one another

          Is the whole world lining up against Israel a way to love them? Seems like a contradiction.

          Peter Y,
          Yes, I think/feel we can achieve world peace when we GENUINELY respect and love one another.
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          Oct 12 2013: I know of many long term experiments and effectiveness studies, yet after 2013 years without any significant positive result and progress, this case can definitely be closed.

          What 'get's the hackles up on the majority of people' isn't Jesus, its his promotion. 2013 years is to long a time for the always same commercial.
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      Oct 11 2013: Hello Peter (Law),
      How can an "imposed peace", be real peace?
      Isn't that what dictator Tito did in the former Yugoslavia (impose peace), which lasted until after his departure, after which the country then descended into the horrible 1990s bloodshed of the latent suppressed unresolved psychological issues of Serbs vs Croats vs Bosnians vs Macedonians vs Herzegovinians vs Montenegrians as well as the two smaller ethnic groups in Kosovo and Vijvidina plus the Albanians who happened to be the wrong side of the border??

      As I vaguely recall from the Bible, amongst many things Jesus suggested 'making enemies friends' - which can be taken at 3 levels (as can all holy texts) (i) at face value on the pure material level, (ii) in terms of consciousness and awareness, and (iii) mystically.
      In which case the onus on us humans (being created of "God-stuff" in like image), is to work towards resolving our own inner conflicts whilst at the same time sponsoring a pilgrimage of trust on earth whereby we endeavour to see 'the Christ' in others, no matter what the material form appears to be.
      To take a hands-off approach and blandly accept "bloodshed and mayhem" as inevitable until 'Jesus returns to sort it all out and impose peace' seems, to me, a cop-out unworthy of attempts at christian living.
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        Oct 12 2013: Hi Joshua,
        Cool name by the way, same as Jesus.
        See my reply to Peter above.

        Dictatorship by man, & dictatorship by God, are entirely different.
        We are talking of a being who created the universe; you just don't get any more powerful than that. He came to earth as a human to be totally abused by mankind, because it was the only way to extricate us from the aweful consequences of our own stupidity. If He did not love us, why would He bring such grief upon Himself?
        I'll be honest. I have a pretty good life; but if someone offered me eternal life in this place, I would pass. However, to be cared for by a God who loves me enough to die for me, well that's a totally different story. That kind of dictatorship, I can handle.


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