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Syria: what should we do about the media?

Since the events started in Syria in march 2011, the media has been playing different and varying roles, either the government's or the main stream media. Born in a diaspora Syrian family with a lot of relatives inside the country, I can tell that non are speaking the truth, not even part of it. Seeing comments on news websites and here in Syria-related conversations, it's quite clear that people outside Syria doesn't actually have a least idea of what's "really" going up there.

Now, the problem is that, this media blackout is being exploited by both the government and the world great powers to gain their interests on the expense of the Syrian people, with the people of the world, even of the neighboring countries, not knowing anything about it, or being given very distorted picture of the situation.

So, what can we do about it? How can the people inside Syria deliver their voice to the world on spite of the media blackout? How could the truth be told?


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    Oct 15 2013: What is the truth that you know, that we in America don't know? Describe the whole picture and the real picture of the Syria you know. What are the other countries seeking from Syria?
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      Oct 16 2013: It's hard to summarize it in few words here. The core perspective of the conflict viewed by the media is wrong, and many, if not the vast majority, are highly influenced by it.

      For example (talking about what other countries are seeking), on the contrary of the common thought, the fighters in Syria aren't supported by the west. Actually, the western governments supports only a plenty of groups which has been considered as west-loyal, they counts for few dozens out of hundreds/thousands of armed groups currently in the country. This's not for free, because there's nothing out there for free; what happens is that someone from a western intelligence comes to the gang's leader, he offers him money, weapons, and whatever he may wish, however, he must accept his group to work under a "military union", which would be totally lead by the west.

      The majority will refuse. When this happens, and when the west finds a group as unlikely to be loyal even if it accepted the offer, then they will "dry the sources". This term means that someone from the FBI or some western intelligence will go to the black market and buy massively all available weapons, so that the rebels have no source for supplies or ammo, and they start to lose their territories to the government or the west-loyal groups. With this manner, the western governments are working on killing the actually revolution, while the media is spreading to the people the totally untrue picture of; The West vs. Syrian regime.
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        Oct 18 2013: I wish I could see your sources, but sounds unlikely from what you have stated. Where did you gather this knowledge from or are you some kind of specialist on this subject?

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