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Syria: what should we do about the media?

Since the events started in Syria in march 2011, the media has been playing different and varying roles, either the government's or the main stream media. Born in a diaspora Syrian family with a lot of relatives inside the country, I can tell that non are speaking the truth, not even part of it. Seeing comments on news websites and here in Syria-related conversations, it's quite clear that people outside Syria doesn't actually have a least idea of what's "really" going up there.

Now, the problem is that, this media blackout is being exploited by both the government and the world great powers to gain their interests on the expense of the Syrian people, with the people of the world, even of the neighboring countries, not knowing anything about it, or being given very distorted picture of the situation.

So, what can we do about it? How can the people inside Syria deliver their voice to the world on spite of the media blackout? How could the truth be told?


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    Oct 12 2013: Abbad, It has always been and will continue that the forces in command will control the media and present their views. First objectives are always communications of all sorts, education, libraries, churches and leaders, a educated opponent is a dangerous opponent.

    This is not only a problem in Syria ... we suffer from much of the same in the USA. We are being fed one side of the story and any replies are immediately reacted to by spin doctors. As a example papers all carry the story of the "GOP shutdown" ... there are no stories on the statement of Obama that he will not negotiate ... ever.

    Computers / cell phones / and videos are strong counters to the media problem. Media is a whore who sells itself to the highest bidder. Always take each story with a grain of salt and then do your own research.

    There is no answer for the problem ... rest assured that the majority of the people are smart enough to NOT believe all they hear and only half of what they see.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Oct 12 2013: Thanks Bob.

      It's indeed a global problem that always happened, and possibly will always be happening, since the minority of people doesn't even care to think about what they hear before believing it. Maybe we can do very little or nothing about it, but this makes me very uncomfortable, as I was saying this media distortion since long years in my country and even the surrounding region (well, it maybe the hottest politically in the world). That's why I wanted to open this conversation, and see what other people may have to say about it. The only thing I can do is do is to hope for a change to some extent by the "new media" of the internet, and to do my part in telling the truth.
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        Oct 12 2013: One last thought. . History, as is news, is always written by the victor. Any challenges to the power that be" is always met with anger or fear. Just like the play ground bully ... he may not beat up the one who is strong and opposes him but he must beat up some one to make a point and keep others in check or all is lost.

        Proceed with caution .... doing the right thing is not always easy or safe.

        I wish you well. Bob.
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          Oct 13 2013: I think the right things are always hard and challangable; this is just how the world is like. If it were easy and safe, then the world should have been a much better place, but it is not. It's then our duty to work on changing this as much as we can, and possibly, we will be one day "the victor"!

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