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Syria: what should we do about the media?

Since the events started in Syria in march 2011, the media has been playing different and varying roles, either the government's or the main stream media. Born in a diaspora Syrian family with a lot of relatives inside the country, I can tell that non are speaking the truth, not even part of it. Seeing comments on news websites and here in Syria-related conversations, it's quite clear that people outside Syria doesn't actually have a least idea of what's "really" going up there.

Now, the problem is that, this media blackout is being exploited by both the government and the world great powers to gain their interests on the expense of the Syrian people, with the people of the world, even of the neighboring countries, not knowing anything about it, or being given very distorted picture of the situation.

So, what can we do about it? How can the people inside Syria deliver their voice to the world on spite of the media blackout? How could the truth be told?


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    Oct 11 2013: "MEDIA" is nothing but a business machine to make profit, so no wonder !! Expecting anything else from it is utopia .
    You can start saying what you want to say right here now and also can use other social media though the oppositions of your views also are / will be doing so..... And people outside will be confused . I had similar experience with some recent events of my country as well.
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      Oct 12 2013: I think that's right, unfortunately. Actually, this conversation was one of the first ideas I thought about on the regard of using social media, but I am not sure how much can I do on my own.
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        Oct 12 2013: Nothing to worry , thinking " how much can I do on my own " ... That really doesn't matter . You just do whatever you can .

        What is your view about happenings of Syria ? I actually stopped following propaganda of those MEDIA Barons ......
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          Oct 13 2013: Thanks. I am doing this since it started, and I will try to keep doing the best I can.

          Maybe it's not easy to summarize a situation like this in few words. My personal view always was, and will be, that it's simply a people's revolution. In the first place, the events in Syria were peaceful protests inspired by the Arab spring revolutions that broke in early 2011, overthrowing four political regimes in the region until now. The protests then developed into riots, general strikes, and finally armed fighting. Although there's now few secondary factions in the conflict, like the Kurds, the essential situation is still defined by people inside Syria as a revolution against the government. There's indeed different views about this, and there's still some people inside Syria who supports the government, but the clear majority have this view; I guess this is the case of every revolution.

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