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Can humans reach a point of mind satisfaction?

Since we learn something new every day and change our views or prospectives about things constantly, can we ever reach that point where your mind is satisfied with whatever level of understanding it got to?

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    Oct 10 2013: Hello Suhaila,
    It is a good and important question that you ask.
    It depends what you mean by "mind is satisfied". If you mean ... can one be at peace with oneself at every stage on the journey of life, (even though there is always more for the mind to experience and to learn), then I would say the answer is "yes".
    Life does not have to be an experience of "anxious striving", but can be experienced as contented acceptance of the process of learning, at whatever level.
    I can't say I have got there yet, but I am certainly more at peace now on the journey-adventure of life than I was 30 years ago.
    • Oct 11 2013: yes, we travel lighter and lighter over the years
  • Oct 14 2013: This is as close as I have seen:
    "Nirvana is this moment seen directly. There is no where else than here. The only gate is now. The only doorway is your own body and mind. There’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing else to be. There’s no destination. It’s not something to aim for in the afterlife. It’s simply the quality of this moment."- Buddha

    “Wanting is pain”- Paramhansa Yogananda

    Perfection would probably be wonderful but for most of us progress is the most we can hope for. As for progress Confucius put it this way: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop"
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    Oct 13 2013: Hi Colleen :)
    I know you meditate. You are lucky that you have gone thru NDE. Yaa i said Lucky,, because as spiritual master says - 'Die before the Death to know yourself', and you have experienced this. May be this is the reason your vision has been changed towards this world :)

    We are talking about same thing. But of course! You are looking at the mechanism of a fan (all systems working together and interconnected to create a current of air),, but I am emphasizing the root cause – The Electricity (MIND).

    No! Mind does not have its own mind; specially for those people, knows that they are not mind and have gone beyond it,,, but what for the one who don’t know and ignorantly follow mind. You know that’s why anger does not leave them and always comes back. You meditate, so you are aware of this that you are not mind, this is why you can go beyond our mind and can focus on it,, right colleen :)

    By focusing on mind thoughts one’s ignorance disappears; as soon as he/she experience him/herself separated from Mind,, now he/she is acquainted with actual state of existence. You exampled about COPD,, but do you know that any disease first takes birth at very subtle level inside before its symptoms actually appears physically on body! This is why I targeted the root cause, the mind (electricity) but not mechanism (fan)

    you said – ‘Satisfaction, is a feeling of contentment in the moment’ … tell me, is not ‘FEELING’ is the emotional state of mind? Don't take feeling as an eternal thing. Each one of us have different feelings for a same thing. So! every feeling is the product of mind itself.

    1. I can ‘feel’ that I am out of the anger and
    2. I am out of the anger
    Do you think both are same thing colleen? can u see the difference :)

    No, I am not talking about ‘commands and obedience’; you see, my focus is on the ‘master’. By saying the’ Master’, what am I doing? … I am helping one to come out from his/her present thought to know “theyself” ,same as you said. :)
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      Oct 14 2013: Hi again Manish:>)

      Yes, I perceive the NDE as both a huge challenge and a gift. The prospect of death, often reminds us of life, and how we are living our life.

      As Suhaila insightfully says...we have the opportunity to "learn something new every day and change our views or prospectives about things constantly". The NDE helped me put many things in perspective, and this helped me to be satisfied with the information I have in any moment. I also know that there is more to learn:>)

      I do not perceive that the event totally changed my worldview, because since I was a child, I have perceived life as an exploration with the opportunity to learn and grow. It did, however, put many things in perspective, and intensified my previous beliefs about the adventure of life.

      There are various practices and methods to calm and reprogram the mind. Meditation is one good one, which you recognize. Another is mindful awareness in the everyday living of life. I co-facilitated "cognitive self change" sessions with men who were incarcerated, and the very basic idea is to be aware of our "self". Why are we saying and doing what we are doing? What are the underlying thoughts and feelings? How can I function better in this life experience? What are my choices?

      You mention anger....
      People who live with anger in their heart are not generally very content or satisfied with life. When they "know" themselves, being aware of the underlying reasons for the anger, sometimes, they can change their life experience...."now he/she is acquainted with actual state of existence" you insightfully recognize.

      I agree, understanding the root cause of anything is important...."know thyself".......:>)
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    Oct 11 2013: What got me into this debate is a salon event i attended yesterday TEDxKhartoum salon, earlierbi thought at some aspects there couldn't be more to them but surprizingly at the end of the event i came out with different i deas and points of view as though i knew nothing before. And that got me thinking when will i say"i completely understand........" isn't the thought of that just amazing? I mean knowing enough of something. I feel excited at that thought. What do u guys think?
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      Oct 11 2013: I sincerely hope Suhaila, that you never say...."I completely understand", because that suggests that you have closed your mind and heart to new information. No point in denying ourselves more there? I've learned, in my 60+ years, that there is always another.....another......another level of understanding with almost everything we experience in the life adventure.
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        Oct 11 2013: Thank u so much colleen, and yet again you gave us another point of view and that just answers the whole question. But i think that this consept may open up those people who decided to close up their minds i mean when u tell such a person that u can actually reach a point of mind satisfaction then they might want to know more all in effort of reaching that goal. Or what do u think of this prospective
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          Oct 11 2013: My pleasure Suhaila:>)

          I think almost anything is possible Suhaila, because I am always open to new information.

          We can be satisfied in the moment, with what we think we know, and also know that there can be more exploration and information. This is my preference

          We can be satisfied to the point where we think our perception is "right", and we do not want to explore anymore.

          It is a choice in every moment....those who want to be open to the possibilities with an open mind and heart will do so. I, personally would not deny myself that opportunity:>)
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      Oct 12 2013: in learning the mind can't have satisfaction if we'll know everything about everything only ,what we're far from it like we can think,feel and see it in the true world we live on it and the true weak we're ,we can't know more then the limits we have (space,time,body,mind,dreams and emotions) i think and our thirstiness to know more will never be satisfied and it's a wisdom belong to God only.
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    Oct 11 2013: Yes Suhaila, in my humble perception and experience, we can be satisfied and content in the moment, and realize that there is always more to learn, understand and experience. I LOVE being in the moment with curiosity and gratitude for everything in that moment. I am satisfied with the experience.

    I suggest that when people are not satisfied, they may be reaching into expectations for the future, or lamenting the past. The moment is the only reality, and our choice is to be satisfied with the moment as it is and learn from the experience......or not.
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    Oct 11 2013: Many people I found are highly satisfied with what they know or don't know. That satisfaction rather made them blind to their belief / faith .
    Only few people I see are not satisfied about what they know so are curious constantly so exploring .
    Which group between two you prefer to be in ?
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    Oct 11 2013: Suhaila :)

    No Suhaila ! Human can not reach the point of satisfaction with 'mind'. This is very surprising that people frequently use word 'mind' conversation, but they really don't know what is it !

    Mind do not have any physical existence in human body Suhaila. It is a logical state of your thoughts. It is always reasoning. It is always unsatisfied. In fact, i must say, the birth of mind happens in one only and only when if that one is unsatisfied. Think about the pendulum of a classical clock. Pendulum is always caught between two unstable situations, either this or that, always unsatisfied. It goes either left side or right side. Its journey to left side causes the journey of right side too. People do the same. Either they are religious or not. Either they love or not. Either they are happy or not. The key of satisfaction lies in 'neither this nor that'...

    This is one's mind who makes him/her unsatisfying. Its says 'happiness is not here, not now. Do not get satisfaction, Satisfaction is death.. Go and achieve that thing, see other people are happy...' and when one reaches to that point of that so called longing happiness, finds that now happiness is still far away from his/her reach. Self is Still unsatisfied, because self is the same, the mind!

    Human can reach to the peak of satisfaction, only when mind is not there. You are the owner of all your organs. They all follow your commands. No organ can protest you without your permission. You are the master, aren't you suhaila? You mind must obey you. Do not let it control your life by making decisions either this or that, instead be the master of your mind.

    Go beyond mind, and see you are satisfied :)
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      Oct 11 2013: Ur words really got me into another state of thinking
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      Oct 11 2013: Manish,
      You say..." is always unsatisfied".
      You also say..."you are the are the master....your mind must obey you"

      What happens when we (the master) program the mind to be satisfied?

      I agree..."go beyond mind, and see you are satisfied" :>)
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        Oct 12 2013: Hi Colleen :)

        You have asked a very good question :)
        "What if when one progrm the mind to be satisfied?"

        Before answering this, allow me to say something more interesting about this Mind. Mind can not stand alone without the support of thought! its true Colleen! To identify this, do an experiment for 5 to 10 minutes. Sit alone, close your eyes and try to achieve thoughtless state of mind. You will be surprise to know, mind wont obey your command. Try to control your mind to focus on only one single thought, and see it won't even allow you to do this too, now mind will start demonstration of different thoughts. It is so granted that we even forgets about the experiment sometimes.

        There are so many things in your body that do not obey you, and must not obey you! Respiration, Heart Beating, Eye blinking.. etc. And Thank GOD for these :)

        Yes, you are right, One can think to program the mind, but it is useless! Thinking about programming the mind, is also a 'Thought', isn't it. Mind can create new thoughts with its imagination power. The programmer may be engrossed in this new thought-'I am satisfied'. But this is also a thought...... you must have seen the people, those are tormented by 'Anger'. No matter, how hardly they convince and swear themselves to not to get angry, but fails, how ? Because their mind counsel them this too, 'Okey, you want to not to be angry, here it is!'... but same is caught by anger again. So, Colleen ! this is what happens with programming. You can program a computer bcoz it is bound to follow your commands, but not your mind.

        One can remain in an illusion (created with mind thoughts) that he/she is a satisfied person. This is not going beyond the mind.... :)
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          Oct 12 2013: I agree Manish, that mind does not stand alone.....all systems in the body/mind are interconnected.

          I, and many others, can focus on one single thought you say.....mind does not work alone, so we have the ability to focus our thoughts.

          You say..."now mind will start demonstration of different thoughts".
          It sounds like you believe the mind, has a mind of it's own, and I do not agree with that. I believe we CAN focus our thoughts. Meditation is one way to focus our thoughts.

          We also can focus on other functions of the body like respiration, and change the outcome. It is not a matter of "obeying", it is a matter of all the systems working together.

          A good example of this concept is my brother, who has COPD (lung disease) and has difficulty breathing. Normally, he takes quick shallow breaths, which causes more of a feeling of shortness of breath. When I can get him focused on taking longer, deeper breaths, he feels better, but he forgets to do that. When he is short of breath, he gets anxious (understandably), and that usually causes more short, shallow breaths. If he could remember to take deeper breaths (reprogram the systems), he might feel better more of the time.

          It is not a matter of "thinking" to change the mind, but rather all systems working together to create the outcome one chooses.

          Being satisfied, in my perception, is not only a "thought" is a feeling of contentment in the moment.

          You mention anger, and how it is repeated...
          In order to deal with anger, it helps to understand the underlying cause, and that again, involves more than simply "thought".

          Again Manish, I am not talking about commands and obedience. I am talking about "knowing thyself" on a deep level, and understanding how the body/mind systems work together.
        • Oct 25 2013: I think 'no.' That some thoughts are integrated into the body such as respiration & heartbeat, (in analogy of a target, the outer red ring), is not a problem. But if you focus onto thoughts that are easily under the conscious control, (the red center dot, inside the white ring) you can easily control some thoughts for awhile.
          So you can reprogram part of the mind; right?
          Maybe it is possible to find satisfaction; unless they want the next new mephone instead of satisfaction.
          Maybe 'reprogramming' one's mind consciously is not useless; to seek a simpler understanding, a simpler ego, maybe we can structure a new or better understanding of how our thoughts work.
  • Oct 13 2013: Yes definitely, but only spiritual path like meditation and service can give you the feeling of satisfaction.
  • Oct 11 2013: Z E N Sounds sort of zen
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    Oct 11 2013: Hi suhaila mohammed,

    Yes - when it is appropriate.

    I observe that satisfaction is a road, not a destination.

    However, I also observe that sometimes, the road gets so hard that one must rest, and go into dissatisfaction in order to know how to walk the road as it presents.

    the trick is to not spend a whole lifetime by the roadside.

    Those who walk know satisfaction, those who do not walk know dissatisfaction.
    Walk as much as possioble - then you will be .. more satisfied than not.

    The world works better when people walk.
  • Oct 11 2013: Yes. When you realize you are not your mind nor your body. So I hear
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      Oct 11 2013: I ment in my question that can we ever reach a point when we can say what i know is enough or that i got the point of view of every thing in life.
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        Oct 11 2013: Dear Suhaila,
        Some people do that all the time....think that their point of view is enough, or the "right" point of view, and they don't need to think about something or feel it anymore.....they stop exploring other possibilities, and that may feel satisfying to some people. To some of us, it is the exploration with curiosity, open mind and heart which is most exciting about the life adventure:>)
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    Oct 11 2013: .

    If they quit all invalid (harmful) happiness.
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    Oct 10 2013: there is an absolute maxim that we're absolute.
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    R H

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    Oct 10 2013: 'Satisfaction' is a complicated word. I will take it to mean that I have no further need. Then for me, I would say 'No' to your question. Life as we know it is change. Adaptation is survival. Therefore we must constantly re-evaluate our environment as it evolves (all types of environment - natural, social, corporate, etc.) and re-adjust our views and perspectives. If we reach the 'summit' of mind satisfaction we have effectively said 'that's as far as I'm interested/willing to go' - but the universe around us has not come to the same conclusion, so it continues on while we remain static, and we then begin our descent into oblivion.
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    Oct 10 2013: My guess is that people might become satisfied with what they know in some areas but that people continue to be interested in and mentally wired for learning through their lifetimes. I don't know how a very severe dementia or heavy painkillers might play into this,

    One of our regular participants is in neuroscience, and I hope he will notice your question and offer his take on this.
  • Oct 10 2013: for myself I hope not. I want to be curious, wondering, learning, wanting to know more until the moment I die.