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Culture matters,or not?

You can talk about anything about this topic without limitations.
Thanks for your participation,i appreciate it.

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    Oct 12 2013: Hello Yijiia,
    Walking around a little, in search of diverse authentic cultures, art and cuisine... my culture shock happened....as a foodie....incidentally in your home town!!:-) I do remember it had to do with foods, which are very different than what is quite popular here as "chinese cuisine"......people were kind and wonderful and made me feel comfortable.谢谢
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      Oct 13 2013: Wow,in my hometown?That's wonderful!Have you ever experienced having meals in a family,Juliette?If not,i would love to invite you to come by to experience the folk food culture right in my home.
      We are always proud of our food.And i guess you have already felt the warmth of the people.And sometimes the old generations are exaggerated in this kind of warmth.But after all,they are really cute.
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        Oct 18 2013: LOVELY!! Sounds wonderful Yijiia. Family, culture, dining, what else could we wish for:) One memory looking down from the long flight looked like this image:
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          Oct 18 2013: The picture's AMAZING!
          I have much to say when it comes to this world and the earth we live on.The world is smaller than ever before,and sometimes culture differences are not so important any more when we find the spirit of them.Just like your comment and mine for example,no trouble when communicating.
          I live in shanghai,and i saw it's tolerance in diversity.The adaptability is beyond measure.
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    Oct 12 2013: As a young child, when it was raining, I thought it would rain everywhere in the world at the same time.

    Well, that was then ... :o)

    Today, cultural shocks to me are just the expression of a lack of information, imagination and faculty of abstraction within the person who experience it.
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    Nov 3 2013: I recently heard a talk by two of Belgian's influential thinkers.

    The thesis of what they said was:
    - scientific knowledge is universal
    - morality should become universal
    - culture should be as diverse as it wants and can be.

    Culture is your main freedom. You cannot choose your degree of gravitational pull or the boiling point of water. You need to extend your goodness from yourself to your family, friends, tribe, country, world, animals and future generations. But you can do with culture whatever you want: keep it, share it, change it, reject it, adopt it...
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    Nov 1 2013: Culture keep us together, So yes it matters. But culture Reform is equally necessary.
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      Oct 31 2013: I personally think my topic has made you think but maybe you just disguised your true feeling. Come on, fess up~! I need your answer.
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        Nov 1 2013: Wow~ , you're such a copycat~! You should pay me some money.
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          Nov 1 2013: Come on,Yoka.I am still learning English.Fine,fine,i have to confess i like your words.:)haha.
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          Nov 2 2013: Oh,my god.You worked for NSA?
          I should be careful with you,Brain.
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        Nov 4 2013: Fine.I'd like to say I'm honored to have caught you and make you confess you like my words.:)
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    Oct 19 2013: Dear Yijiia,
    I listened this and thought both the talk and the discussion after the talk are wonderful and fit perfectly within your topic here:-)
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      Oct 19 2013: Hi again,Juliette.
      I like this talk a lot,especially its authentic approach.
      I think imitating is a natural practice,and it helps you form your identity to some extent,or even adds value to yourself as humanity experience.As for languages,they are just symbol of tools.

      PS:i am so proud of myself,for my grasp of the foreign language is much better compare to the poor guy repeating the same sentence in Mandarin over and over again.:)haha.
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      Oct 19 2013: And identity and language connect so tight with culture.
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    Oct 13 2013: When I went on a business trip to Japan a couple of years ago, I stayed in a hotel in a special street(kabuki machi) On the left of the street there were all night clubs with beautiful girls and on the right there were all the gay bars. At that time, Shanghai wasn't that open and I even didn't know what "gay bar" was and were stunned by the openness in the street.
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      Oct 13 2013: I think they really did a good job.That‘s a society qualified enough to meet everyone's need and benefit its people.
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        Oct 13 2013: Unfortunately, I couldn't pretend to be a gay to explore the gay bar.
  • Oct 12 2013: culture shock example- coming from a culture where soup is served after main course to a culture where soup is served before main course. I'm not sure which is medically better for your body.
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      Oct 13 2013: Oh,i know. Soup being served before main course is better,it's a good way to lose weight.:)
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    Oct 12 2013: to be tolerant with every culture if it's not against the ethics is the best culture can we try ever i think.
  • Oct 11 2013: Hello Yujiia!!

    May I ask you a question?

    Do you mean a 'culture shock' in that we learned something online with the TED community?
    Or do you mean a 'culture shock' we've experience out in the real world in our travels and relationships with people of different cultures?

    Nice conversation topic.
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      Oct 12 2013: Thanks,Mary.
      I mean both of them,whether the thoughts or the acts.Anything and everything related to it.
      • Oct 12 2013: I have had many culture shocks.......the most powerful ones have been details that I was oblivious to from my own culture.

        I left my home country when I was very small, and grew up in the US.
        But now that I am an adult, and have deep conversations with others of my culture, I am amazed at the thinking and view of life from people of my country.

        On TED, the one culture shock I had recently was learning about the rituals with the deceased members of one's family.

        Have you seen the talk Yijiia? It is very shocking.


        Have a nice weekend.
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      Oct 12 2013: Mary, I shock you either way!!

      Want some coffee, hmh? ;o)
      • Oct 12 2013: You kind of remind me of a quote I read.....

        "I meant to behave, but there were just too many other options."

        Ooh I'd love a cup of coffee right about now. Thank you!! :)

        Were you able to see the clip of Juan Valdez in the movie Bruce Almighty?
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          Oct 12 2013: I like this quote ... it somewhat suits me ... :o)

          And no, I haven't seen the video yet but I have heard about the movie and must confess, that my strange humor doesn't work on these kind of film ... is it long?
      • Oct 12 2013: And no Lejan.....even though I know your tongue was firmly pressed against your check, I will say that I am not shocked by you......I really enjoy the exchanges we have.

        I know that my knowledge base is nowhere near yours on many subjects discussed on TED, but I am thankful that you indulge me in simple conversations about trivial things.
        It's nice, you know?
        I really enjoy stretching my mind muscles on here, and exchanging ideas and thoughts.

        If I get shocked now and again....well, that's a risk I'll take....

        Let me ask you additionally......do you ever shock other Germans?
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          Lejan .

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          Oct 12 2013: So this is how latin men get away with it ... and I always wondered how they manage to train that much to become world's leading 'lovers' ... skipping the time intensive part, it is ... ;o) lol

          I do shock many Germans, yet not on purpose and I do not stop at national borders ... :o)
          I noticed, that I can't shock people who kept their playfulness and curiosity from their childhood and those who don't take themselves over seriously. I drop dead to the ground if a conversation goes about gossip, cars, motorbikes and 'hot chicks' and get up again if what is said is witty (not in the meaning of funny), personal, sharp, fine mannered and humored, warm hearted, creative or intellectual brilliant. Probably because thats what I am lacking the most, so I can learn from it. At the weekend is enough time for my Harley and playmate... lol :o)

          So yes, Germans from the other side of that fence are endangered by my presence... and likewise ... :o)

          Yet triviality to me is relative, what gives weight is what it means to another person to which I am able to connect. On 'perfume, shoes and fingernail polish' I would horribly fail if it was just another one. But if there was a certain moment combined with it, which made it that special, I am interested to listen to the whole. That is what gives the value to me, not the fact being stylish.

          I do not indulge you any way other than you indulge me in our 'simple' conversations. I can connect to you emotionally as well as intellectually, so what more could I ask for from my side?
          My knowledge base is nowhere near yours on many subjects as well. And even if it wasn't, this wouldn't matter, as I experience you of very fine nature, temper and character. For anything else there are books.

          This of course doesn't keep me from trying to be of bad influence on you, yet who ever tried to burn water knows how I feel about my success rate ... :o)
      • Oct 14 2013: Water has been known to put out a fire or two....LOL

        Did you watch the TED talk on burials that I linked above?
        What did you think of it?

        Here in the states some officials allow you to keep your deceased one at home and have a service, even allowing you to provide your own homemade casket. I have always found the idea of dying in my own home, in my own bed, surrounded by my loved ones, very comforting. Not many people enjoy talking about death. I learned this through a PBS special on death a while back. I found it fascinating.....but no one would watch it with me. :/
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          Oct 15 2013: I now watched the video you linked to.

          What I liked is that this culture integrates the cycle of our existence as a whole, yet this isn't new to societies, who form strong social bonds in between their families and communities. What varies is just the form of expression and rituals by which this integration takes place.

          There are only a view things truly known by us, during our lifetime, of which our personal death is one of it. And since I became aware of it in my early years, I think about it periodically, as it does give me some guidance, what to do while I am alive.

          As I am agnostic and most of my fellow people around me religious, talking about death has become a very limited field regarding perspectives, due to the given restrictions.

          Personally, I don't shy talking about this topic, although I am sensitive about when and with whom I start a conversation on this myself.

          I happened to have lost my closest many years ago, so it became natural to me to integrate this in my personal cycle in a different way than I did before, which not only changed my values but also deepened my view and remembrance on death itself.

          Your comforting ideas are very much understandable and if I had a say in this, I would choose this too. Nevertheless I try to find comfort in the idea to die all by myself and this for two reasons. According to Murphy's law I have no say in the final arrangement of my death and whatever is additional to me, dying alone, may therefore be appreciated and welcome... hopefully.

          To the final question I have no answer, yet what I found was, that by reversing it and to put it up front before I existed, it becomes somewhat irrelevant that I can't figure it out.

          As I am not concerned about me before I came, why should I be concerned about me when I leave?

          Well, we'll see ... ;o)
      • Oct 15 2013: Did you see what the TED talk for today is on?

        Who was it that said that there are two things which are inevitable....death and taxes?

        For me, death is 'the opposite of life'........that's it.
        And although I do not mind discussing death, it is much better to focus and discuss life and all the wonderful things associated with it.
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          Oct 15 2013: Today's Talk was a gentle and beautiful love story Mary. I thought it was remarkable.
          I found this for you to enjoy;
          And hope you all see the moon in the sky tonight. Its over here now:)