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How is it possible that God is 'Love'?

Everything in the natural world, or even the known universe, is competitive. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Human's most successful means of progress is competition. Win or lose. Succeed or get left behind. Do or die. Even stars and planets are created by violent fusion. Only the strong and competent - in any system - survive. Yet, we 'believe' that God is 'Love'. But where in the natural world is 'love'? Where in the universe is this love? Since we cannot 'see' it or identify it outside of human experience, and if it exists, where is it? Surely if God is Love, then His/Her creation should reflect it, shouldn't it? But all I see is violence. The wolf kills the deer. The bear kills the fish. The croc eats the human. The virus attacks the cell. The star explodes. Why have all of the major religions concluded that God is love? It seems obvious that God is not love, but God is 'Survival', or God is 'Violence', or God is 'Victory'. Because if God were love, then everything would be lovers, and the animals would commune, and the planets would 'birth', and our human problems would be centered around getting something done and getting out of bed because we'd be too busy loving each other - not killing each other. So, how is it possible that God is 'Love'?


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  • Oct 15 2013: First, let's put aside the link between god and love. Nobody can say that without god, then there is absence of love. For example, many mammals, or even birds, usually protect and nurture their young one with tender love, sometimes even fight or sacrifice their lives for the competition for the survival of their species. If this is not love between the the adults and the young ones then what would you call it?
    There are some love between even different species, such as between dog and man. Sometimes, the dog even give up it's life for man as a friend, and occasionally in a few cases of the reverse. Again I would call them friendly faithful love.
    IMO, the word "god" should be defined in this way. It could be the god in Christianity, or "Allah" in Islam,or "Buddha" in Buddhism, or for those who are non-religious; "Mother nature" (you couldn't deny it's existence, because it's here and now!). Let me play a (Chinese) word game: The Chinese word "天" means heaven or the god or any other term including the "Mather nature" , it resembles a stick figure of a human with a hat or crown on his head. Then the word "犬" means a dog, but it resembles the same stick figure, but with a hat in his right hand. Similar to the god dog analogy, that means that we have two friends; a 天 who we honor and reverence, a 犬 (personified) which we befriend and love. This seems not so inconsistent or incongruous between love and competition, or is it?
    • Oct 16 2013: Hello Bart, you said
      "First, let's put aside the link between god and love. Nobody can say that without god, then there is absence of love."
      Why do you separate God from animals??? God created the universe from love, even materials, whole planets, are attracted to each other. The big difference between humans and animals is that they do not have spiritual free will like us. But they certainly are alive and God, or Higher Power, is the only Source of life.

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