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How is it possible that God is 'Love'?

Everything in the natural world, or even the known universe, is competitive. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Human's most successful means of progress is competition. Win or lose. Succeed or get left behind. Do or die. Even stars and planets are created by violent fusion. Only the strong and competent - in any system - survive. Yet, we 'believe' that God is 'Love'. But where in the natural world is 'love'? Where in the universe is this love? Since we cannot 'see' it or identify it outside of human experience, and if it exists, where is it? Surely if God is Love, then His/Her creation should reflect it, shouldn't it? But all I see is violence. The wolf kills the deer. The bear kills the fish. The croc eats the human. The virus attacks the cell. The star explodes. Why have all of the major religions concluded that God is love? It seems obvious that God is not love, but God is 'Survival', or God is 'Violence', or God is 'Victory'. Because if God were love, then everything would be lovers, and the animals would commune, and the planets would 'birth', and our human problems would be centered around getting something done and getting out of bed because we'd be too busy loving each other - not killing each other. So, how is it possible that God is 'Love'?


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    Oct 12 2013: If God is Love then it follows that Love is God.

    Love is the Universal creating force that brought all into being. It transforms all things through time to reflect its conscious desire to be.

    It shows itself through beauty, harmony and peace.

    From love everything grows into being and without it everything that exist falls apart.

    Love is, like light or warmth without an opposite.
    Darkness, coldness or fear are words that express the absence of light, warmth or love.
    Those that are ignorant lack the knowledge of love and regain this only through suffering from all that isn't love.

    If one isn't loved that one feels hurt which provokes: hate, anger, greed, judging, neglect, cynics, arrogance and many more, the causes from which again other people suffer.

    Light and Love are the protons of the universe that provide energy and direction for a conscious reflection of the will to be of the one Being that is referred to with terms as God, Brahma, Tau, Allah and many more.
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      Oct 12 2013: Nice Frans:>)

      When people genuinely reflect God/Love - Love/God, we can feel it much, much more than when a god is presented and reflected as fear.

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