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How is it possible that God is 'Love'?

Everything in the natural world, or even the known universe, is competitive. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Human's most successful means of progress is competition. Win or lose. Succeed or get left behind. Do or die. Even stars and planets are created by violent fusion. Only the strong and competent - in any system - survive. Yet, we 'believe' that God is 'Love'. But where in the natural world is 'love'? Where in the universe is this love? Since we cannot 'see' it or identify it outside of human experience, and if it exists, where is it? Surely if God is Love, then His/Her creation should reflect it, shouldn't it? But all I see is violence. The wolf kills the deer. The bear kills the fish. The croc eats the human. The virus attacks the cell. The star explodes. Why have all of the major religions concluded that God is love? It seems obvious that God is not love, but God is 'Survival', or God is 'Violence', or God is 'Victory'. Because if God were love, then everything would be lovers, and the animals would commune, and the planets would 'birth', and our human problems would be centered around getting something done and getting out of bed because we'd be too busy loving each other - not killing each other. So, how is it possible that God is 'Love'?


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    Oct 12 2013: The "God is love" notion is really only a couple of thousand years old. The apostle Paul transformed the Israelites' ancient tribal god Yahweh (Jehovah) from the frightful force that the Jews rightly feared to a loving father figure that would go over better with the gentiles. Yahweh was a bloodthirsty god who regularly killed thousands at a shot for seemingly peevish reasons, and capped it off by killing practically everyone on Earth in Noah's flood. Not much love there. His first order to the Hebrews in the wandering in Sinai was to fear him. They have ever since.

    So forget "God is love." It's a bit of nonsense cooked up by a first-century fanatic. Make your organizing principles earthly, such as fairness and caring for your fellow beings and for the Earth itself.
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      Oct 12 2013: Hi Paul. Thanks for responding. It seems you would agree that God is not 'love', but that love is necessary in stewardship - by your prescription for 'caring' for our fellows and the Earth. That 'first-century fanatic' tried to explain that God's kingdom 'was not of this earth' and that God was 'a Father' who would not 'give his son a rock when he asked for a fish' - which for me, is a parable for the bounty of the universe that is greater than, in the estimation of people's abilities of the times, we could conceive of. In this, I believe, was his definition of 'love'. For me now, this answers the question. As I try to reconcile the mutual destruction that occurs between the inhabitants of natural living, with the 'bounty of benevolence' that the universe seems to provide, it becomes obvious that we are players in an order. How we choose to live, what dynamics we choose to enhance or to minimize, are there for us to take. It's not so much how 'we feel' about it (human 'love'), but how it is and how we choose it to be for us. Your 'stewardship' is a great place to start. Thanks again.

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