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Reclaiming our identity - Creating a grassroots forum for people as opposed to the UNO that serves only governments

An increasing number of governments impose upon their citizens some form of identity formal ID document. Many young people don't question the "necessity" of having an official ID document. "ID" is used to divide people, prevent them from crossing arbitrary borders.
There are about 7 billion humans populating the planet. The world is arbitrarily divided into about 200 countries ranging in a population size from around 800 (Vatican City) to more than a billion in the case of China and India.
In just one century, the 20th, the planet's human population grew 4 fold from around 1.5 to 6 billion. The number of countries has fluctuated but not proportionately to the change in population.
Many governments argue that ID is necessary to manage the large populations. However, it is clear from history that people managed to live without being registered and "managed".
The irrational terrorism argument is overused by most governments to justify the ever increasing instruments of surveillance and more sophisticated forms of ID documents.
ID documents owned by governments disenfranchise people. Governments hold people hostage in this way.

  • Oct 12 2013: I am strongly against a national ID card but fine with the state ones. I agree that ID documents owned by the governments disenfranchise people. By the same token though, some form of picture ID is required for numerous things now and should be required to be able to vote in an election. Each one of our states have driver's licenses and ID cards. The ID cards have the same information on them as the driver's licenses. Here in Louisiana, the ID cards are printed in picture mode and the driver's licenses are printed in landscape mode so they can't be confused with each other.
    I am strongly against a national ID card but fine with the state ones.
  • Oct 11 2013: Those IDs are there for the purpose of bureaucracy and organization.
    Back before the days of government ID, people didn't have things like social security, healthcare, or a million different bureaucratic process required for every day life.

    They're an organizational tool, not a set of shackles. They can turn you away at a border checkpoint just fine without assigning people IDs.