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What is more important: inspiration or motivation?

There are lot of people who are an inspiration. Motivation on the other hand is achieved when you journey through yourself. Inspiration can even come out of a plastic bottle but motivation can only come out of self analysis.

So, what is bigger factor for success? Motivation or Inspiration? Can motivation come from the outside? Can motivation exist without inspiration or can inspiration exist without motivation?


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    Oct 17 2013: I must agree with the others on here and say that I believe the two ideas are completely connected.
    You can be stuffed full of inspiration but without action it is not going to lead you anywhere, and vice versa, you can be extremely motivated but without the inspiration behind you actions where will you end up?

    I have had inspiration literally waiting to pour out of me in the past, but I lacked the motivation to do anything with it. There have also been moments where I was overwhelmed with the need to act and yet I could not find inspiration to be able to accomplish anything.

    These two ideas are intertwined; they go hand-in-hand. One without the other is useless and will never lead you to a truly successful place.

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