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What is more important: inspiration or motivation?

There are lot of people who are an inspiration. Motivation on the other hand is achieved when you journey through yourself. Inspiration can even come out of a plastic bottle but motivation can only come out of self analysis.

So, what is bigger factor for success? Motivation or Inspiration? Can motivation come from the outside? Can motivation exist without inspiration or can inspiration exist without motivation?


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    Oct 13 2013: We really need to understand the meaning of the word "inspire," to inspire simply means to "fill up," "to charge up," "to equip," and "to empower." So inspiration has to do with what you feel deep within your heart, when you are inspired you are charged up, equipped and empowered from within. This is the real you coming to life here, you cannot forge inspiration because it is something from within you and nothing surpasses this. When a man is fully inspired, nothing can stop him in his feat, why? Because it is what gives him passion and fulfillment in life, it is what brings him to life, real life. One example, When the Master (Jesus) breathed to his disciples (John 20:22), he was inspiring, empowering them to go and be themselves fully doing what they were filled up to do effectively. Now we all know what they did after that, it was because they were most inspired and it was natural for them to do all the great feats that they did.

    Motivation on the other hand is just really the tender stage of inspiration; when fully applied it leads to inspiration. Usually we begin at motivation in order to go to inspiration, so a man has to be motivated first in order to be inspired, or simply put, motivation is a precursor for inspiration. Motivation just stirs your hunger or your thirst up and pushes you to quench that thirst and when you decide to quench that thirst, that's when you start embarking on a journey of inspiration. Needless to say, inspiration far supersedes motivation...motivation is for babes while inspiration is for the matured. You can't change the world with motivation only but with inspiration it has been transformed for the better and we have history to attest to that with a number of great men and women who through inspiring people went on to achieve the unthinkable. I will not follow a man who only motivates me but I will definitely believe in the one who empowers me through inspiration because that one not only tells me what to do but shows me how.
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      Oct 13 2013: I really liked your answer and your description of "Inspiration" vs "Motivation". The only thing I disagreed is the part when you say "Motivation is for babies while inspiration is for the matured.", I think everyone needs both of them on any part of their life, because someone who's already inspired will always be uninspired at any point of his/her life, and that's where motivation takes part.

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