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What is more important: inspiration or motivation?

There are lot of people who are an inspiration. Motivation on the other hand is achieved when you journey through yourself. Inspiration can even come out of a plastic bottle but motivation can only come out of self analysis.

So, what is bigger factor for success? Motivation or Inspiration? Can motivation come from the outside? Can motivation exist without inspiration or can inspiration exist without motivation?


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    Oct 13 2013: Reading all the answers here. I got this conclusion.
    Motivation can be extrinsic or intrinsic but wherever it may originate, it will need perspiration to quantify into success.
    Motivation and Inspiration can and will be only temporary. Persistence however will be the most important factor if we were to define any activity. But if we were to talk about idea alone, motivation would be the most important because it promotes perspiration on a deeper level compared to inspiration.
    This is what I got. Thank You everyone for your answers. I hope I will try to understand it even further.

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