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What is more important: inspiration or motivation?

There are lot of people who are an inspiration. Motivation on the other hand is achieved when you journey through yourself. Inspiration can even come out of a plastic bottle but motivation can only come out of self analysis.

So, what is bigger factor for success? Motivation or Inspiration? Can motivation come from the outside? Can motivation exist without inspiration or can inspiration exist without motivation?


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    Oct 12 2013: Hello Gunjan,
    As an either/or question, motivation is primary over inspiration, bearing in mind that inspiration often catalyses internal motivation, but external and internal motivation get it done in the material world.
    Important parts are also played by:
    the Will (the Will to do),
    the Soul (can I live with myself if I do this?),
    the Intellect (does the action make rational-logical sense to me?).
    All of it requires determination and perspiration.
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      Oct 12 2013: I like your intellectual talking points about, get off our asses and do something. Easier said than done when it’s safer to do nothing. Keep up the intellectual insight. You helped inspire me or should I say motivate me?
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      Oct 13 2013: Joshua:
      I keep asking these questions whenever someone lectures me in a conference or in a meeting about these things. I would rather be doing laundry than listen to these words which make little sense. Perspiration for me was and always will be the most important but I just wanted an opinion because the masses believe that success is achieved mostly when these factors come into play.

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