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Too much self-confidence?

I appreciate freedom and self-confidence for what they are but it seems that in this present day, there is a perpetuation of doing wrong things.

It's hard to say that, me as an individual without any skill in that area, can judge something that someone else probably loves.
How do you reason with someone else's dream/wants before they exist as a product that will somehow effect another human being (negatively)?

Here are a list of realistic scenarios:
1) The insane amount of new TV shows and constant stream of new mainstream movies. There are way too many actors that want to stay and new ones coming in. The movies are also lacking new ideas. Where does it stop?

2) Job vs. quality. Whether it's renovating a house or doing a design project, people are self confident in following instructions but are not doing it for the outcome.

3) People who develop arrogant and adamant dispositions. Such as in politics and leaders of corporations.

There are always talks on being more self-confident, but not many on responsibility of this trait.


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    Oct 11 2013: We live in a narcissistic society.......

    I recently read an article that addressed this tendency....here is an excerpt from it:

    "It seems so ironic: Even when people face the threat of losing their job, their home, and even their pension, many of them are still obsessed with getting anything and everything that money can buy".............then the article quotes from the book 'The Narcissism Epidemic' : "Buying flashy consumer goods on credit in order to look and feel like a winner is similar to hitting the crack pipe in order to improve your mood. Both are initially cheap and work really well----but only for a very short period of time. In the long term both leave you penniless and depressed."

    Self-Confidence, if it is too be at a healthy level, should be tempered with modesty.
    Then there are all the other wonderful traits a humane being should possess.........kindness, honesty, love, mildness, self-control, humility, etc etc etc

    We may not be able to change others, but we may certainly make a concerted effort to manifest a healthy dose of self-confidence, without going overboard.
    • Oct 11 2013: When I see a motivator, it's certain that they have the best qualities of self-confidence. It always holds true that yourself is the most important concern in terms of courage. I guess I'm just trying to find, (if there's any), a path to convince others that you cannot always get what you want.
    • Oct 13 2013: Mary, I agree to all what you quoted and said are correct. However, I would like to supplement an addendum to the quote.
      There are lot of those who become penniless and depressed because of too much self confidence wouldn't be depressed for long, some of them turn to hatred on the society by blaming the society having treated him/her unfairly despite his/her "talent" and "hard work". Sometimes, they become extremely anti-social or revolutionists. This turned around is not unusual. And to some extent, many of the extremists or Islamists are feeling the same hatred because they believe their religion is the "true religion" and their "misfortune" is due to the exploitation by the infidels.
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        Oct 14 2013: Thank you Bart for your addendum.
        I am sure you have seen many things that I have not. It is always terrible when we get ahold of resentment, and blame others for our own bad decisions. It is normal for humans to look for a scapegoat.......but being aware of this mental inclination can help us put blame where blame belongs.

        Thanks for the exchange of thoughts.

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