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What the Internet says about our global think-tank?

I am curious as to the opinion of the public, or at least the small representation that can be found here, as to how we think the internet represents our global ability to stream together the minds of billions of people.
To what extent have we as a species taken advantage of this complex entity in both our successes and failures, and furthermore, why and how we should better utilize this power, if we should at all?
I realize there are a tremendous supply of variables that must be taken into account with regards to this topic, so please feel free to touch base on any aspect you feel necessary in your support.
Extra points for creativity and cleverness!!


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  • Matt K

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    Oct 12 2013: the internet is the foundation of global peace and a global mindset, i believe. however not for the current generation. as long as we have not seen the peak of population which will be around 2050, everything will be unstable. after 2050 it will take at at least another 50-100 years time when finally a totally relaxed life without any stress will be possible. but thats just my rough prediction, and u never know...maybe the network effect will really do something amazing within the next 10 years. so lets see...enough knowledge is at least already available....

    ....maybe if ted talk will create much more pages with statistical numbers that will be a nice indicator

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