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What's your favourite heartwarming story?

So many serious questions. It would be great to hear about an experience that put a smile on your face. Consider it a collection of happiness for a rainy day.


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  • Oct 22 2013: The milking story:
    As a young boy I was raised on a small farm with the usual cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, horses, sheep and dogs. All had to be fed, watered and waste removed. In our barn we had hay, straw and sections for each of the animals to get out of the rain or snow. My first job in the morning was to light the oil heater which was turned off at night to conserve fuel, then thaw out the water pump outside with fire and break the ice on our watering barrel and fill it up for the outside animals. I would then go to our shed and fill up buckets with grain to feed the various animals. In the winter I had to carry this stuff to the barn through three or four feet of snow, but this story happened in the summertime when some of my folks friends showed up to visit from Salt Lake City with there cute, petit little son two years younger than me. Quite adorable to them, the light of there life, with his cute matching pants and shirt. His pale smooth white skin looked like he had never been outside in the sunshine, ever. A delightful lad he laughed at anything and was insanely curious about everything as he run around the yard like a chicken with it’s head cut off at harvest time. “Now you be careful Johnny and don’t get dirty” his mother said. The words were still ringing in my ears as my Dad told me to take him along as I was about to milk the cow. “Do you want to go see the cows Johnny?” his mother asked. “Oh yeaaaa” he said and off we went to the barn., just a couple of kids having fun. I ask him to carry the bucket so he would feel like he was doing something.

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