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What's your favourite heartwarming story?

So many serious questions. It would be great to hear about an experience that put a smile on your face. Consider it a collection of happiness for a rainy day.


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  • Oct 22 2013: End of milking story:
    At the barn I put a bunch of hay in front of the cow so she would stand still and eat while I milked her. Have you ever milked a cow Johnny? I already knew the answer. So, I explain it to him, see under here these are tits, that is where the milk comes out so I pulled up my stool and placed the bucket under the tits. Now it is your job to pump the tail so the milk will come out. I positioned him behind the cow and helped him raise and lower the tail a couple times then got back on my stool with the bucket under the cows udder. What happened next was a pure coincidence and the most amazing site I have ever witnessed. Johnny was pumping and delighted with his job as he kept saying “I’m milking a cow, I’m milking a cow”. Just about mid sentence the cow began to defecate and belched at the same time sending an enormous amount of fertilizer exploding onto Johnny’s pale white face and into his wide open mouth.
    I fell off my stool laughing but had to take him still choking, spiting and turning green colors back to the yard to be cleaned off with the hose. Now his parents where screaming and running around acting crazy. It was the only time my dad has given me a whoopin with a huge grin on his face. Was the whoopin worth it? Absolutely, to this day I can still see that look of horror on Johnny’s face as he learned how to milk a cow.

    Yea, that's a different boy but the very same look on my profile.

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