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What's your favourite heartwarming story?

So many serious questions. It would be great to hear about an experience that put a smile on your face. Consider it a collection of happiness for a rainy day.


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  • Oct 19 2013: Part one of story...
    A fellow I will call Keith (for lack of a better name) was introduced by San his ex-wife to a French lady called Maddie who because of her tight schedule insisted on hiking the 11 mile Kalalau trail during the rainy season (suicide) before returning to France. The idiot (we called Keith) insisted on accompanying Maddie because of the known danger involved (not because she was a 22 year old beauty) (it did not even occur to him that the ex-wife may have ulterior motives in sending him on a suicide mission).
    I’m skipping the first 9 miles in the mud and rain where she fell in a river and would have washed out to sea if I had not dragged her to safety and mountains I had to drag her up one side and hold her from sliding down the other side.

    By 8PM it is so dark and stormy that viability was about six feet and keeping on the right trail was next to impossible. Several times I had to scout out ahead on what I thought was the trail and then come back and get her. That’s when it happened. We were coming around the side of the mountain where it was at least a 400 foot drop off a sheer cliff into the rocks below. I was not sure if we were on the right path so I told her to wait while I scouted out ahead. I was only about 20 feet in front of her when I discovered I was on an old abandoned trail that disappeared ahead. I knew I had to go back to find the right trail above. As I turned my feet began to slide in the mud on the trail and I knew there was no where else to put my feet so I looked up and saw some grass and brush above me on the side of the mountain. Instinctively as a last resort I reached and grabbed a hand full of grass with one hand and the dead brush in the other so I could pull myself up and get a better footing with my feet.

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