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If you could bring back just one person who would it be and why?

Excluding departed family or friends or religious figures there is probably some person who you think would benefit mankind by being around today.
I suspect that the sentiment would lean towards Einstein but for selfish reasons I would love to see Mencken around today casting a critical eye over contempory goings on.If the response is good I will sum up the results.


Closing Statement from Kieron Treasure

Thank you forn taking the time to answer. I guess I was looking for a list of people that were admired and went before their time OR left us with secrets undisclosed OR perhaps people who left with work unfinished OR perhaps a list of people who, if alive today, could make a valuable contribution to mankind. How about Bruce Chatwin, Buddy Holly, Bismark.........???????

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  • Oct 14 2013: I guess I would like to bring back Abraham Lincoln or Ben Franklin. They have shown they can discuss things intelligently and can be funny.
    • Da Way

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      Oct 18 2013: Ben Franklin gets my vote. His legend is that he can look at any system and instantly point out ways to improve that system. I'd like him to take a look at some of the major modern day problems.
      • Oct 18 2013: Both were great story tellers and were famous for doing humorous "gentle" put downs. From a technical point of view I agree with you. Politics and social issues, think both would be interested

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