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What are the tools and disciplines that a person should develop to build the skills of accelerated learning?

What are the best practices on learning something new to learn it fast and effective and what are the tools for accelerated learning?


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    Oct 12 2013: I think in order to learn fast you need to focus on that subject and try to link it with something unforgettable and important and within seconds you'l integrate all the knowledge and store it in the "for grabs spot" as i call it. Trust me, this is out of experience
    • Oct 14 2013: Suhaila, You are absolutely right. I agree with you 100%. Let me explain my experience.
      When I was in 5th grade in a private school, many fellow students and I live in the same dormitory. In our reading class, the instructor usually asked us to recite a portion of essay, sometimes in a poetry form. One of my classmate was a hardworking fellow who is very good in all the physical/athletic activities, but not too "smart" on mental activities (learning). So whenever an assignment was given, he used to read aloud 200 times to be able to "memorize" and recite the material in the next class. However, I did it the quick and lazy way so that I usually only read the material 3 to 5 times at the most. My trick was as follows:
      First I read the whole piece carefully. Then I tried to pick out certain terms which are kind of unique, such as the name of a famous person, a city or a scenic place or animals or architecture. In many of the materials, they had rhymes at the end of the phrase or sentence. After I grasp the meaning of the whole essay or poem, I link all the information together, and there you have it. I would have a vague "photograph" of the whole essay by reading it several times, combined with the few specific meaningful terms within the essay, I actually did as well as the classmate, in the next class, who memorized it by reading it 200 times.
      I hope that it is really similar or identical to your method,
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        Oct 16 2013: yeah definately. there was this time that i had to study the banking systems in 8th grade an it was really tough and it felt like latin but i took the main concept and made it a song which i can recite till now

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