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Scientists! What does real research work feel like?

I wish to become a physicist one day, i absolutely love doing random research, but i sometimes feel that its only so because it makes me feel smarter :P
Nevertheless, i'm always scribbling in class doing useless mathematics and physics just for fun, but the 'temporary' research always has some solid foundation.

So i'd like to know, Is research as thrilling and fun as it seems? Or the mathematics and complexity would simply bore the ordinary?

Also, how is the general salary like? Do you struggle to obtain what you desire, and does it really matter in the long term?

Thank you

P.S. Im currently 15, if that helps


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  • Oct 17 2013: To answer the last part of your post. It all depends on how you intend to apply the knowledge you have about physics. Do you plan on submitting a groundbreaking paper based on your research and knowledge to NASA or the American Physics Association? Do you plan on publishing a book containing all your findings? DO you plan on working for NASA? Do you plan on working in a school as a professor? Do you plan to start your own company?

    There are many possibilities out there on what your income could be like, it's up to you to believe in what you do and get your name out there.

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