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What is the difference between happiness and satisfaction?

As I wonder every time about the philosophy of life, the question that make me think again and again that a man having satisfaction of particular thing is a happy? or can happy man considered as fully satisfied? Or happiness and satisfaction are the two sides of coins?


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  • Nov 4 2013: I think the answer is rooted in the "words". To have "happiness" something specific has to "happen". For instance, you would need to get a certain amount of money, or a specific promotion, or something good would have to happen in order for you to be "happy". If those things DON'T happen, than there is no happiness. For instance, It is hard to be happy when say... you lose your job, or lose a promotion. Therefore, happiness is a constant quest, and one that is never really fulfilled permanently.

    Satisfaction, however requires nothing specific. It means you can meet life right where you are, and realize you have everything you need for the moment (because we always do). It means even if we lose our job, or a promotion, or even if we are completely broke - we can realize everything in life is just how it is supposed to be. That everything happening is meant for our growth, learning, and healing. That underneath all the external drama, deep inside, everything is just how it should be. That we have everything we need. That is satisfaction, or what I like to call joy. It is a lot easier to keep than happiness :)

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