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What is the difference between happiness and satisfaction?

As I wonder every time about the philosophy of life, the question that make me think again and again that a man having satisfaction of particular thing is a happy? or can happy man considered as fully satisfied? Or happiness and satisfaction are the two sides of coins?


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    Oct 27 2013: As for me, this is how i would define it :

    Happiness is somehow short-lived and intense, while satisfaction is longer-lived and smoother. Tied to each other in most cases, they define different states.

    Happiness will bring high emotional activity and bursts of huge reactions, which can fall off quite suddenly. Satisfaction will bring a calm, peaceful and savoured feeling of achievement, which fall off more slowly.

    I consider satisfaction to be a deeper but smoother feeling than happiness, which doesn't mean it would be weaker. Satisfaction can slowly or quickly activate or support the growth of intense emotions such as happiness. It catalyzes them and goes along with them.

    As for me, i consider that satisfactions sustainability makes this feeling somehow more powerful than happiness.

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