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What is the difference between happiness and satisfaction?

As I wonder every time about the philosophy of life, the question that make me think again and again that a man having satisfaction of particular thing is a happy? or can happy man considered as fully satisfied? Or happiness and satisfaction are the two sides of coins?


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  • Oct 13 2013: Happiness is a temporary state of mind most often based on circumstances. You can be happy one moment getting a coffee at Starbucks and then on the way out your lid pops off spills all over your shirt and there goes your happiness. Everyone's always looking for a constant state of happiness which is not possible they will only realize that even though they find it they can't keep it. One moment you have it another moment you don't. It's like a one night stand.
    Satisfaction is when no matter what you have or what state of mind you are in it is enough. It is like a marriage. It is meant to be long term it is a place of rest.

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