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What is the difference between happiness and satisfaction?

As I wonder every time about the philosophy of life, the question that make me think again and again that a man having satisfaction of particular thing is a happy? or can happy man considered as fully satisfied? Or happiness and satisfaction are the two sides of coins?


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  • EUN J

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    Oct 11 2013: Wow. Such a good question. Thanks for let me think about new one...
    For me, I think the main difference between happiness and satisfaction is that it is related with others or me, myself.
    First, happiness is more related with others who care about me and whom I care about. People surrounding me makes me FEEL sth like happy, excited, sad, annoying, frustrated but after all, Happy! :) Also, I am pretty sure I never feel happy without SOMEONE not something.
    The next precious feeling, satisfaction, I think, comes from ourselves, from our own mind. It is more about our ego. When we feel satisfaction, that means that reached our own goal or own ideal criteria. And that have few relations with others.
    For example, when I am in lonely situation or spending quiet and slow sunday in my town, I am able to satisfy with a hot bagel with blueberry cream cheese and a cup of coffee. However, it might be hard to feel happy, because I have no one to share my thoughts and feelings.

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