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What is the difference between happiness and satisfaction?

As I wonder every time about the philosophy of life, the question that make me think again and again that a man having satisfaction of particular thing is a happy? or can happy man considered as fully satisfied? Or happiness and satisfaction are the two sides of coins?


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    Oct 10 2013: Happiness is a state of “Mind”, where as Satisfaction is the absence of “want.” Can you be happy and yet not satisfied? Yes you can. In a case of extreme poverty one can be happy and at the same time desire to want to improve ones condition. By the same token, satisfaction can be attain without being happy.

    We see this every day, where a wealthy person has everything money can buy, but is still not happy. You sometimes wonder why, since “happiness” is a state of mind, why more people are not happy and since the rich are far less in number than the middle range income and poverty level or the homeless.

    Happiness is also an emotion, were as satisfaction is not. You can choose to be happy regardless of your material attainment in life. Your belief system plays a enormous role in emotional well being. If you believe “less” is more, then happiness can be manifested in ones life without wealth.

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