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What defines music? Is today's pop music really music?

As a high school student, I hear students' music walking down the hallways ranging from electronic (dubstep) music to classical, even Baroque-era, music.

Many people from the 80's and the previous decades consider today's music as not music. One reason being that it sounds like fax machines. Other reasons for the claim are that the music is too digitalized, and not instrumental.

I am not sure about this, but were parents of the 80's kids considering the rock and roll music as intolerable?

Every decade, the popular music style seems to change. There was the jazz, swing, beap-bop...disco, rock and roll, hip hop...electronic-dance. If it is the new music style, should it be considered music?

Every music-era before today's has had musical instruments for the production of the music, but today's music uses sounds produced from technology. Maybe technology is the new instrument, the new orchestra.

Some who do not like today's music, say that the new "youngsters" are not aware of the diversity in music, and therefore do not understand what is music.

I would greatly appreciate your opinion. As a multi-instrument player, I listen to all varieties of music from any age. I want to know what you think about today's music.


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    Oct 10 2013: Let us compare music to writing shall we. Writing when it started was the culmination of the language. Few people had command over the spoken and written language. Writers cam along the time when no one around expressed themselves in a written form clearly. The cost of paper, ink and the luxury of writing was only available to a few. Then times changed, the luxury became a necessity and writing became common. Paper production increased and there were modern typewriters, pen which promoted writing even more. Thus, writers were increased in number. After we entered the digital age, it increased even further. Anyone can afford to wrote now and the blogs, articles are considered writing in the modern times.
    Similar process followed with music. Instruments and stages cost a lot in the olden days. Recording an album or singing a song and making a video was luxury. But time decreased the cost of it all. Everybody could afford it in the 80's and the 90's. Guitars had lower cost, amplifiers were common. Recording was easy and rock and roll was at it's peak. Now, every Macintosh computer is a studio itself. Every hand held cell phone is video camera. This has reduced the cost of production and increased the quantity of music. The type of instruments and music has differed as well (as it differed in mediums in writing). Thus, the music right now can be considered as music.

    I see the debate not as Old VS New but as a debate of quantity vs Quality.

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