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Does the goverment cover up the real problems of the USA with war?

A couple of days ago I saw a documentary about the ghetto's in the big city's of America, it did look like a war zone in my eyes. Then I remembered a quote from Tupac shakur ''“They Have Money For War But Can't Feed The Poor.'' then I realized what he meant: The Goverment is always on war with some country or extremists (the last decades America is constantly at war) and the reason they are at war is to distract the attention from the media and the people for the real problems in their own country like (extreme) poverty, (gang related) criminality and the huge economic problems that the country has (USA is basically bankrupt with those insane debsts).
If their was peace there wouldnt be huge problems where the people could worry about, so that they would eventually don't accept the real and hard to solve problems that the country has in its own borders and would demand real solutions.
So does the goverment cover up the real problems of the USA with war?

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    Oct 15 2013: Politics are about telling you what to fear and who is to blame for it. It works .. Bush' fault for the last two terms. Wars are not always about what we think. They could be about economics, profit for cronies, support for allays, or for any number of reasons.

    Dire predictions are made for the current budget discussions. We are approaching 17 trillion dollars in debt and the spin doctors are saying that all our woes are due to the GOP shutdown ... some still drink the koolade. Some say do away with a budget and we would not have this problem. Debit does not go away because you do away with the budget ... it gets bigger. Broke is broke ... period.

    Notice that Obamacare went into effect fast with the country broke and the system not ready and flaundering. It may break us but the administration does not care. Do it we will figure it all out later. Poor business. This is not about the poor .. it is about installing socialism. The system will fail and we will have national health care in 3 - 5 years.

    This administration was going to end all the Bush wars and bring everyone home ... didn't happen. Now the administration want to attack Syria. We completely screwed up in Egypt and got ambassadors killed ... oops we don't want to bring that up. Makes Hilary look bad. We got politically spanked by Russia because we have no foreign policy or diplomatic relations ... or diplomats. A lot of good bowing to Kings did.

    We were once a leading and respected nation ... we are now a international joke. It will take years to repair damage both at home and abroad ... it will take longer to restore the economy.

    No wars do not cover up our problems. Stupid people who are led by media and spin doctors to divert attention are the problem.
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    Oct 14 2013: Sometimes a war is a good distraction from problems 'at home', sometimes a war is for geo-political-business reasons, sometimes because the military-industrial complex lack orders and wants some action to test new weapons. Either way it causes untold misery and wastes unbelievable amounts of tax-payers' money.

    Very, very occasionally, there is a war because someone is actually about to land on your beaches and invade your country with a view to annexing it. Both my parents remembered it well, and fought.
  • Oct 11 2013: i don't believe that war is used to cover up problems but rather these problems are used as a smoke effect to the real reasons we are at war ( ie: not for terror but for oil) and if you want to go int the conspiracy side of things 9/11 was used to get approval from the public on war and go into hide the real reasons of the war from the public. this is so they have our support manipulatively so they can in turn do what they please.
    • Oct 14 2013: i dont think thats why war happens.. what makes more sense? The US government goes to war only for oil by which private businesses profit or do you think the US would rather establish order by which a consumer society would emerge and benefit not from just oil but politically and economically on many levels??? believe or not the US actually doesnt want war but peaceful and free societies.. that beneifits everyone greater. we live in a world so interconnected nobody wants chaos its in nobodys interest..
      • Oct 14 2013: But its with ignorance to say nobody wants chaos because there are people seeking out and creating chaos , with defined purpouse ( shootings, killings robberies bombings etc) I choose to believe not! I don't believe the us government as a whole is looking out for our best interest. They did at one point in time, but they have defiantly come to ends with that, and that has been well proven with this nonsense of a government shutdow .
        • Oct 14 2013: the government shutdown is just a political standoff that reflects the divide in the US people. In a democracy stuff like this happens. There are people that want chaos in this world and those are people who have strong ideologies wether they are political or religious. The US along with every other industrial nation including China have more to loose from war and chaos. Nations who have investments in foriegn trade and globalization desire order so there the global economic system can operate. Yes it might be a bussiness model type ethics but face it people are a selfish animal and i think to a large extent we all demonstrate a more business oriented sense of ethicsl
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        Oct 20 2013: Power is what is in interest and chaos is on the other end of the deal. This is called an unjust state. To better their own people just like on an individual level which we have been programed to think is normal and A-OK. Competition to the point where money is above the value of life. Let's not get into health care. We are not in harmony with the world today much less on a local level even. Chaos is not anarchy. Chaos is if I killed someone you loved and got away with it as everyone knew the truth in which I did kill this person. This would be chaos for you. The rules bend for me because I am part of the law and you take no part of creating the law therefore, I have the power over you and the people support me. How complicated would it be for you if the people did not know the truth? Who do you think the people would believe? In this poor state you would have chaos to deal with plus providing the truth to others. Now, it's fight or flight. You may only get one person to believe you as others call you a big conspiracy theory. How would you solve this problem? Who would you fight exactly? Would you seek other ways to release the pain (chaos) you are experiencing? Would you take it out on others? You then get 5 people to believe you and sooner or later the war has started. Justice is a balance of power attached to morals. It is only then we can say we are in harmony. On a large scale or small scale there is no difference. On an individual level or on a global level there is no difference. It goes down just like this every time. Oil is only a tool (weapon) to back the power in a global monetary system.
        • Oct 22 2013: Power structures never have and never will stand on moral grounds. Morality is either a construct of our minds or something metaphysical. the world does not operate on philosophies as much as necessities and/or self-interest. the worst thing people can do is ruthlessly attempt to construct society in an "ideal" way.