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Why the USA isn't #1

I'am a student from holland and I am preparing my final English presentation. I have chosen the subject ''Why isn't America the greatest country in the world''. I have chosen this subject because of the resent ''goverment shutdown'' and ,for example, I already had my opinion about the so called most democratic system in the world and the two party system.
I didn't open this topic because i have something against America, I just want to know how you 'ínsiders' in America see things (I am Dutch) and for the most i want to receive information which i can use in my presentation and I also really want to understand the American system/how things work in America, because i know things work differently in the States than in The Netherlands.
So I really want to hear about the 'Wrongs' in America.


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  • Nov 7 2013: From an academic perspective, the summary of your argument here would not be judged favorably.

    If you accept the idea that a nation can be “the greatest”, greater than all other, then you would have to demonstrate in the affirmative that one county met all the criteria for greatness and none other did or that a country had more greatness than all other (however you defined greatness). Identifying “the greatest” country as being America (which is a pretty big assumption) and then discussing its deficits does nothing to prove it is not still the greatest, simply that is not perfect.

    You could use the deficits of the supposed “greatest” country, the United States, the draw criticism to the idea that there can be a country that is “the greatest”. That is argue against the idea of one nation being superior to another in some sort of total sense. You could not argue the United States is not the greatest country without identifying an alternative nation, establishing "greatness" criteria, and arguing for that the other country had more of greatness than all others.

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